First Steps in the Nexus

30th day of Spring, 582

A couple days ago, I was minding my own business – which is to say I was minding everyone else’s business -, when I was advised to a strange cavern that was discovered. I would be hard pressed to state where said cavern is, as that geographical oddity is seemingly everywhere and nowhere, all at once.

Lorikeet demonstrating the keen observation sense that found the cavern in the first place.

This subterranean cavern, at least from what is known, which is, as is to be expected, off-limits to any group without a pathfinder having mastered Trillbane’s lessons, seems to stand on a geographical oddity. It branches out into such diverse places as the passes, the slime cave, the mountain glen, estuary, and the jade arachnoids cavern.

The Estuary entrance to the cavern (in the left rock wall), where it was originally spotted.

The cavern itself is far from safe, seemingly letting monsters seep in from its many dangerous destinations. Jades, slimes, meshras are not uncommon. The area underneath the passes even contained some dangerous basalt greymyrs, a species generally only found on another island altogether – Metzeli.

Underneath south passes' well, the party was greeted by a handful of Basalt Greymyrs.

Of course, and as is common in our “fight-first, think-never” mentality-driven town, no illusion breaking mystics were present, and as such, it’s impossible to know what other secrets might be hidden deep under our feet. But nonetheless, I expect heavy traffic through that cave once people are made aware of its presence, shortening travel time to many places considerably. Particularly from the convenient entrance to it located in the southern east farms’ well.

A convenient entrance under East Farms (just above the puddle).

Update: It would seem the cavern contains no illusion, a thorough inspection with the help of Phiros’ illusion breaking talent led to nothing but disappointment.

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