What’s this?

This is for my eyes only, you should not be here!

And yet you’re reading this, perhaps my hiding spot isn’t as clever as I thought. Ah, good thing I’m not stupid enough to reveal the secrets of our guild in a journal, I suppose ultimately it’s the fate of all things to never quite be hidden well enough.

As your blatant lack of respect for other people’s privacy has probably already shown, this is where I consign my thoughts and memories of exile. Do not expect it to only reflect adventures and explorations, as I value the more subtle arts of conversation and debate just as much if not more.

So while you’re sifting through my personal life, you may as well know more about me. I am Trymon. No, I do not have a last name. Or perhaps I only have a last name. It’s quite unique enough that I have had no interest in finding out more, as far as I remember.

I am a Mystic. Currently of Journeyman rank, among the quaint little Mystic guild of Puddleby. I was exiled over 40 years ago, and apprenticed shortly thereafter to Diotima. Many tribulations later, and under a different mentor, Phiros, I was finally recognized and promoted to the rank of Journeyman.

I spend my time studying too little, looking for fallen exiles, discussing and debating both vital and insignificant matters, and occasionally setting off for grand and less-grand adventures.

Now you know, so put this tome back where you found it and begone!

OOC note for the confused and RP-impaired alike: The journal is meant to be entirely in character and “secret”, thus try to refrain from confronting me in-game and in-character about an entry or Trymon might just ask that you explain where you found it and why you’re butting into his private life. Comments however are inherently not-IC (Trymon wouldn’t go answering people sticking notes in his private journal, now would he?), but still should be “in tone” if at all possible.

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