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21st day of Spring, 582

It’s been a very strange time. A tiring time, but enlightening all the same. Adventure follows adventure, and sleep rescinds before them. And so it does too, before the “simple” act of having a conversation in town. Come to think of it… When was the last time I slept?

Ah perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. A few steps back now. Just a frog’s leap. Maybe 40 years… I had adventures then, too… And then the books.

I thought I might never escape the books, the studying, losing myself in strange tomes that even I could barely only make out the meaning of the title. That held me captive in the library over so many years.

And now it’s as if I’m immune to their call. I know, I can see, that my training is suffering. I can see mystics already far more trained than I am breezing through trainings that will take me many zodiacs to muddle through.

The support I’ve received from many has helped, of course. The little people love me. Pah! Love me enough to let me know when they fall and need me to come break a chain on them, certainly. But no, let it not be said that I’m not appreciative as well. Still not quite as much as I would progress in the crafts, if I were to spent more times in the books. Always the books!

That logic however falls short. As the books – or, perhaps, the training itself – seem to bring me little in comparison to what a good conversation, a good exploration can. So let them call me a town dweller, let them think I sit all day! Little do they know what these eyes have seen, and see every day.

But they’ve seen even more, and an old Thoom can only remember so much. It’s time to consign my memory somewhere.  So I grabbed a pen, and this old useless tome. Lucky for me some idiot thought that telekinesis was so applicable and dangerous they needed to hide their five hundred pages of useless self-congratulatory ramblings in invisible ink. The cover is quite nicely ornamented, too.

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