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Random Thoughts and Opinions

  Daily life in Puddleby and environs has become more and more frustrating. Why? Because there seems to be an influx of obnoxious exiles running around screaming obscenities at me and other women. I've set up a new page for all to see some examples of rude behavior amongst our peers.

It's up to you to stand up against this behavior. Sure, OOC the offender can log off and log on again with a new character, but after awhile this will become tiresome for them. Ancients are usually most responsive, for the record, and are very good about not tolerating rude behavior. Unfortunately, ancients aren't always around and sometimes are very busy. Hopefully the fact that the tax man comes soon will help. OOC: I, for one, am very glad that you'll have to pay extra for more characters. I hope DT doesn't back down on this.


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