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I love my friends!
If you're not here but should be, don't worry. I only started sketching in the last few days and probably just haven't seen you or had time to stop and sketch you. :)
Jo'Maril Soul Hunter Llerendel Polerand
Jo is my sweetie
He loves me :)
Soul Hunter is the most adorable Thoom I know Sassy SavesĒ: Llerendel redeems for valuable coupons He drives me crazy, but I still love him
Dor Tonoto Adua Ananna
Dor is the next best thing to a therapist ! A real leader She has one of the best smiles
Skye Kazumi Chaos Bill
Skye is one of the best healers out there and a real sweetie Kazumi is so much fun! Witty, funny, elusive. What more is there? Bill, fellow SDC'er and sweetie
Iko Iko Karg Caddrel Oedipus
Skylle Apocalypse Grubs Oracle
Super Chicken Jade Azure Nightwing Deathlord
Macaroni Gil
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