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  Fabulous Clan Lord Links  

Delta Tao's Clan Lord Page

Bravheart's Guide to Clan Lord: a very thorough guide to CL. A must-read

Chaos' Castle: Chaos' site is totally fabulous

Llerendel's Clan Lords Page: Especially good for tactics and picking up some skills

Volrath and Soul Hunter's Pages: Really good info, and up to date

Sor's Sketches of Life: Absolutely beautiful! Must see!

BlueCross' Home Page: Not only full of his music inspired by his life as an exile, but soone he'll have a lot of other information as well

JoMamma's Clan Lord Pages: Not updated in awhile but Jo is not only my sweetie, but a great fighter. You can learn a lot from reading his scrolls

Ton To's Guide to Clan Lord: He has the best maps. I use them when I get lost all the time. You will too... :)

Marcus Antonius's Clan Lord Tome: Great site, and a great Tangle Wood map that's saved me many times.

Telan's Clan Lord Resource Center

Paramedic's Notebook (with haiku and pictures).

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