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How to Behave
(and not to)
Note: This page does not claim to be a record of harassment, sexual or otherwise. It is simply a record of behavior that I believe should be deemed unacceptable. If you disagree, that is fine. I understand. However, the seperate issue of harassement (which this page, again, does not claim to be a record of) should be discussed seperately. The people on these pages are not meant to be portrayed as harassers, rather they are exhibiting behavior that I believe is unacceptable.

Many of you see me a lot and know that some exiles can say some pretty rude things. Many others (even my old best friend) thought I was overreacting and that it wasn't really that bad. Please read more on this in my thoughts area (I don't want to go into it all here).

This page is going to serve to show, by example, how not to act. Some exiles may be embarassed by the sketches found here, but it's necessary. The following examples are a mere slice of what happens daily to many women exiles.

He threw so many stones at me I couldn't stand in town with my friends anymore. I implore you, when seeing this picture, that you realize the behavior he is showing is reprehensible. I may not be able to convey this to him, but maybe it will help open your eyes.
Constantly yelling this (with Outcast yelling, too) caused me to have to leave the coliseum.
People don't know this?
I post this because a few days ago I got frustrated from Outcast's constant belittling of me over this issue. He accussed me of witch hunting, among other things, and I decided to allow him a forum right here to express his views. I have yet to receive a letter from him...
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