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Delta Tao
the publisher of Clan Lords. Download the software from here.
The Dark Cloaks Clan
Llerendel's Clan; believing in an uncompromising search for Truth.

The Usenet newsgroup comp.sys.mac.adventure. has a lot of Clan Lords traffic. Look for the Clan Lords prefix in the Subject: line.

Family History
Notelrac, Llerendel, Scotty, Stacey, Amarathea, and Taran

Creation Myth Translation
Llerendel's Translation of the Delta Tao Creation Myth

How To Pray
The power of positive prayer

Llerendel on Travelling
Llerendel's opinions on how an Expedition gets from Point A to Point B

Llerendel's Revelation
Llerendel's insight into a Great Drake's mind

Llerendel on Hunting
Llerendel's opinion on how to flog the exp system for maximum profit

Llerendel's Rules for Better Living
"Run on Red, Go on Green"

Llerendel on Chopping Down a Tree Giant

Monolith on How Not to Kill a Tree Giant
"Let's go hunt Greymyr"

Llerendel on Chests
Designate an "Official Chest Opener", or OCO

StarChasm Family Album
Snapshots from around our scenic island

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