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Hear me, o Muse!
Long ago, in a galaxy far far away...
Once upon a time...
Call me Llerendel.

All fine openings for a story. The greatest story ever told. The story of this world's creation. So gather round, and loosen your imagination.

In The Beginning

In the beginning was Nothing/Void. After all, what else could there be, before anything? But Nothing/Void was lonely. And out of that loneliness and boredom came the Word. And upon saying the Word, all was changed, and the the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon were formed.

Translator's note: Many mythologies are gender based, with some deities being masculine and some feminine. Usually, Earth/Moon == mother, Sun == father. That is not the case with this pantheon, and the translation has been written as the three Gods being gender-neutral. --Llerendel

The Sun, the Earth, and the Moon

The Earth was without Light, being formed of Substance. Yet the surface of the Earth basked in the Light, and was warmed thereby.

The Sun was without Substance, being formed of Light. The Sun brought a new sense to the universe, and allowed the gift of Sight. The Sun's Light talked to the Earth, and shouted pangyrics of knowledge and discovery and wonders.

The Moon was with and without Substance, with and without Light. The Moon existed in the only place the Light didn't reach -- behind the Earth. The Moon was most like the original Nothing/Void, and whispered Thoughts to the Earth. The Moon whispered deep Thoughts of being, of self, of loneliness.

The First Creations

The Earth was a good listener and found the company welcome while she created things of Substance. No thing was too big or too small for the Earth to make. From the Sun, she learned to make mountains, and ocean waves, and lofty clouds. From the Moon, she learned to make valleys, and silent deeps, and misty fogs. diamonds and onyxes, snowflakes and hailstones, the Earth created tirelessly.

The Great Discovery

After a long time passed, after many a wondrous and frightening thing had been created and dissolved, the Sun learned of the Moon, and the Moon learned of the Sun. Some of the Earth's creations had travelled across the boundary of light and dark, and the Sun and Moon saw things they had not told the Earth about.

The Sun was overjoyed at the prospect of meeting something new. New things! New ideas! Things and ideas that had not sprung forth from the Sun! A new area for his Light to explore!

The Moon was jealous, at having to share the Earth with another being, but hid it well. Jealous once she grasped the concept of "warmth", which the Moon could never know. Jealous that her perception was limited to a dark cone of shadow, while the Sun's rays travelled the whole universe over.

And so the Moon determined to outdo the Sun in all things. The Sun and Moon wished to meet directly, but the Earth stood in the way.

Translator's note: At this point, the original creation myth becomes obscure. Rather than solving the 3 Body Problem in celestial mechanics, the Three try something else. --Llerendel

The First Children

The Sun stretched forth an concentrated his Light on a part of the Earth. The rays collected, and gained Substance from the Earth, and were given form.

The Moon saw something unique; something never before seen. A glow , a glow of Light on the Earth. The Moon stretched forth its Thought to that glow, so the Thoughts gained Substance from the Earth, and were given form.

The Earth was excited by the gifts of Light and Thought, and many new creations were made.

These were the First Children.

The Earth Children were the first creations to roam freely across the Earth. Yet, they shared not Light or Thought, and destroyed all that they crossed. These were the first animals, and they were terrible to behold.

The Sun Children were too fixated on the Sun to roam, basking in their creator's Light. They were the first plants, and were destroyed willy-nilly by the Earth Children.

The Moon Children had too little Substance to interact with the Earth, as the Earth Children could. They had too much Thought to worship as the Sun Children could. Instead, tainted by the jealousy of their creator, they drifted aimlessly, enraged at their helplessness.

The Second Children

The First Children were flawed. Eventually, the Sun and Moon convinced the Earth, and she regretfully destroyed most of the First Ones. (But not all. In the deep Dark places, in the high Light Places, in the terrible Thoughtful Places, some First Children yet exist.)

Translator's note: Some say the Great Drakes are First Ones. Some say the Ancients are First Ones. Some Say the Greater Undine are First Ones. I think Some are fools. Obviously, the everblowing Winds, the great Trees, and the unstoppable Leviathans are First Ones. --Llerendel

The First Children were flawed, yet each had a different flaw. The Sun shown down, and proposed a more complete mixing of Light and Substance and Thought. The Earth agreed, and the Second Children were born. Equal parts of the Earth's Substance, the Sun's Light, and the Moon's Thought were used.

Translator's note: In case you were wondering what this had to do with you, an exile in Puddleby, consider who the three trainers are in the main temple. Body, Spirit, Mind. Now go reread the previous paragraph. So sorry if this makes the mystics in the audience nervous. --Llerendel

The Earth and the Sun looked upon their Children, and were pleased. And the Children went forth and multiplied across the side of the Earth facing the Sun, and were fruitful. And the Children danced upon the Earth beneath the Sun.

Translator's note: The "Second Children" are the flora and fauna of the world. --Llerendel

The Third Children

The Moon, jealous as ever, wanted its own Children. But when it created, instead of an equal part, it gave each child a much larger portion of Thought than of Substance or Light. The Moon gave freely of its substance, and much of her jealousy and rage and loneliness passed into her Children.

The Moon looked upon its Children, and was pleased. The Earth and Sun were not quite as pleased, but hoped the Second and Third Children would meet, would share ideas, and would be happy together.

Yet it was not to be. The Third Children outpaced the Second Children. Travelling over both the light and dark side of the Earth, they built great cities, moved mountains, and changed the course of mighty rivers.

The Sun and Earth looked closely at the Third Children, and saw they did not share the Sun's desire for knowlege, but instead the Moon's loneliness and jealousy and desire for control. And with the vast spirit the Moon invested in her children, the Third Children had power near unto that of the Sun and Earth.

Translator's note: The "Third Children" are the sentient beings of the world. --Llerendel

The Great Catastrophe

In time, the Third Children created weapons that rivaled the Light of the Sun. They did so to give the Moon what it had never had -- pure Light.

Translator's note: At this point, the original creation myth becomes really obscure.

Reaching to the place that is dark where here is light, and light where here is dark, they stole part of the glowing moon from that place and gave it to the Moon.

If you understand "the place that is dark where here is light", let me know. --Llerendel

The flaws of the Third Children led them to fight amongst themselves. And the Earth was wracked and furrowed by the Light weapons. A cloak of gloom covered the Earth for many years, cutting off the Light. Many Children were destroyed. Many starved. Many were changed, mutated into hideous creations that mocked the Second Children.

Translator's note: I have no idea what sort of weapons of Light could destroy everything like this. --Llerendel

The Sun and Earth were greatly wroth, and called for the Moon to take back its children. And even the Moon was shocked by what the Third Children had done, and felt remorse. The Moon grieved, but removed the Third Children from the Earth, and placed by her side, in the dark emptiness of night.

Removed all, except for 12. These hid from the Moon, and remained in hiding on the Earth. Even now, they skulk in the hidden places, so that they might partake in the joy of living. Beware, lest they seek you out and cause you ill.

The Last Children

And now, for one final time, the Moon, Earth and Sun all strove together. All three working together, to create new Children with the ability to survive the horrors created by the wars of the Third Ones.

Most of the Last Children are made of Moon, Sun and Earth.

Some children, called the Night Children, are made of but the Moon and Earth.

Some children, called the Day Children, are made of but Sun and Earth.

And the rarest Children of all, the Juxtaposed, are made of but Sun and Moon.

Translator's note: I refuse to venture an opinion as to where Thoom, Dwarve, People, Human, Halfling, Sylvian, Gnome, Orga, and so forth fit into this scheme. I don't want to get lynched. --Llerendel

The Lost Children

Rumor says, there are temples to the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Rumor says, only true believers are ever transported there. Rumor says, one must prove to the priests, that one is worthy.

Legends say, there is a Temple the color of the Sun where the Light shines forever. Legends say, it is maintained by the Sun's priests, called Elders.

Translator's note: If I was shown the Sun Temple, then strictly speaking, you don't *have* to be a true believer. --Llerendel

Legends say, there is a Temple of Earth, all crumbling and in ill repair, within a dense forest. Legends say, there are too few followers to restore the temple to its former glory.

Legends say, there is a Temple of Moon, its whereabouts hidden except when the Moon is full and the time is midnight.

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