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Why I Hate Beasties

I Hate Noids
They stand there staring at you, wanting to lay their eggs in you. (The caverns have changed, so this scene can no longer be witnessed by visitors.)

I Really Hate Noids
Our brick vanished, a backswarm appeared, and disaster struck

I Could Do Without All The Attention
Orga Petulants don't need to stand guard around me, honest.

I Hate Mice
They stand there staring at you, wanting to nibble on your toes.

And I'm Not Fond of Wild Cats, Either
One can only take so much affection before it becomes overwhelming. Twenty-five cats is about twenty-four cats too many.

I Didn't Order This Many Wendies
Not only do these pack animals swarm you, they have very bad breath.

Why Healers Don't Go for A Loaf of Bread Alone
Even the most civilized of areas can become a deathtrap for the unwary. The amazing thing is, Llerendel didn't get munched after taking this shot.

And Don't Go Back For Milk, Either
Although not as dangerous as a Death Vermine or Myrm invasion, the Giant Purple Slug infestation left treacherous footing in the town walkways for days. Also note the inaction of the Emperor's Sentinel during this hazardous time.

The Darshaks Are Not Our Friends
They are constantly probing up the river to the east of Puddleby

Stalking the Wild Beastie

Take a Number
Notelrac lining up some crocs to the slaughter.

Playing Pied Piper
Notelrac leads a mess of undines away from some healers.

Stalking the Elusive Wood
Wood is one of the most elusive monsters ever hunted for. It is usually found in the forest east of Puddleby. Be careful while harvesting it.

Danger at the Mirror
To stay or to go, that is the question.

Eyeballing a Desert Cat
Swift, sure, powerful -- the Desert Cat is one of the most dangerous of all beasties.

Aren't You a Bit Far From Home?
Either a new tree-climbing species, or awandering far afield.

Kids, Don't Try This at Home
Four failed rescue attempts had left 20 down in Cold and Snowy. Here's the rescue party that finally cleared out the place.

Love a Brick
Bricks are your friend. Bricks will save you when the monsters swarm. Share with your brick. Keep it amused, lest it depart or time out.

Mr. Popularity
Notelrac must have worn the wrong aftershave, or something...

An Unwelcome Travelling Companion
Coming across this frenzied fellow during a short outing is most perturbing.

Two are Better than One
Distracting the two guardians of South Pass

Tourist Attractions

Building a Better Tommorrow
Llerendel contributes to the building fund for Amarathea's future school.

The Obnoxious Farmer
Source of an endless torrent of abusive language.

Sightseeing in Middle Pass
Llerendel and her buddies pose around the giant Well. A luminescent sign at the bottom reads Under Construction -- Come Back Later.

Sightseeing in the Desert Camp
Llerendel catches a few rays amidst the colorful tents. Alas, there is nothing inside any of them.

Sightseeing in Orga Camp
The beds are lousy, but the food is terrific. Rage Burgers with a side order of Furies, all covered with a delightful Death Vermine garnish. Also, a group portrait with the group that cleaned the place up.

Sightseeing in the Tanglewood Meadow
Hard to find in a maze of twisty turning woods that look all alike, Llerendel enjoys a brief moment of peaceful silence amidst the bright flowers.

Sightseeing in the Swamp
Notelrac enjoys a moment of rest in one of the few dry spots in the muddy part of the island.

One and Two Noid Webs
Once the Arachnoid Caverns are cleared, you can examine the extensive finery and needlepoint in the farther cave branches.

The West and East and South Meangerie Cages
Only the few, the proud, the scared witless are invited into the Centaur's showpiece.

Bones of the Great Ones?
Llerendel examines the remains of a great beast.

A Floating Rock?
Pebbles near South Beach suddenly decide to levitate.

Significant Beings

MidSummer the FireDrake
SHE is lost, and he grieves, he grieves so. Please help to find HER.

Flame the Forest Drake
Flame and MidSummer don't appear to get along with each other. Both are drawn to the great skeleton northeast of Puddleby.

Beacon of the Ancients
The Ranger can fight with one hand and heal with another. His whims become natural laws.

Gaia of the Ancients
When She appears, the normal rules of monster spawning are suspended.

Sunstone the Spirit Master
Inexorable, unstoppable, unkillable...

Orga Hatred
Leads the orgas into battle

Orga Hero
Leads the defence of the Orga Camp. Unless we stop attacking the Camp, he will attack Puddleby.

The 'Noid Sentinel
A cryptic watcher at the entrance to the Arachnoid Caves.


They Can Be Killed

Forest Giant
Their quick regeneration make them nigh unkillable unless you know the secret.

They jump so fast that nabbing a spriggin was ususally an accident. Spriggins are now unkillable.

Forest Drake
A lesser brother of the Great Ones.

An inpenetrable skin makes these stone warriors invulnerable to all but the most puissant of warriors. Anyone know what 10% of 50% of one of these is worth?

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