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The other night, Puddleby was visited by a great firedrake, MidSummer. He was attacked almost as soon as he landed in town, and then flew off to the giant skeleton in the field northeast of Puddleby. Upon being assaulted there as well, he flew off to the mountains where the Greymyr reside.

MidSummer appears to have been attracted by a poetry contest that Galvin was hosting in town. He probably wanted to contribute; it appears that his primary mode of communication is via poetic images. Further, these images are received telepathically, by anyone using a sunstone.

Amidst the heckling and arrogant puffery spewed from some exiles, my wife Llerendel tried to gain further insight to MidSummer's condition. He appeared exceptionally distressed and upset about something.

The close contact with the giant drake has changed Llerendel. After he flew away, she was so changed by the experience that she communed with the Spirit Master 10 times -- certainly something she ordinarily would have been able to do. While able to carry out normal functions, any chance remark might cause her to go into an altered state of mind and start spouting what appears to be gibberish.

Here is a poem she has constructed, with my commentary afterward.

We heal in Her name
She is All

MidSummer's mate is the Blessed
The Great One's sorrow is unmatched

Grief and lamentation followed Her departure
She is lost and Her absence grieves us all

She dances amongst the stars
She rests in the place that is no place

Our journey will find and redeem Her
Our search for Her will take us far

She guides us as we seek to find Her
Her love shows the way to redemption

Our enlightenment is through Her love
Fail not, lest ye miss for Her return

Now, to put that in more rational terms...

Long ago, MidSummer mated with an unnamed Drake. MidSummer declined repeated requests to name her during his visit. Whether the skeleton in the northeast field is the resting place of the mate is also unknown.

The mate went awandering one day, and never returned. Questioning MidSummer as to her whereabouts is an exercise in futility.

Llerendel feels that one way to cure the ennui facing experienced exiles is to go searching for this mate. Llerendel has also embued this "Great One" with more traditional sacrificial/redeemer mythical figures, that are best left to the individual to think about.

She's also lot happier these days...

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