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Some meta-rules first. (Rules about Rules) Rules must some subset of being:
  1. funny
  2. consise
  3. true
  4. clear to the novice exile
  5. obscure unless you've "been there"
  6. alliteration's acceptable and consonance counts

And most importantly, if you submit your rule to the newsgroup, instead of emailing it directly to me, you must remove everyone else's included text.

If other people post or email their Rules, I will collect them, make one final repost, and put them on the spiderweb outside our door. See .sig for location.

Llerendel's Color Rule for Fighters
Run on Red, Go on Green

Notelrac's Color Rule for Healers
Red before Yellow, Yellow before Green

Arneus' Guide for Looking Stupid
After killing the Maha Ruknee, the rats will get you.

Notelrac's Cognitive Conjundrum
Asking for good karma gets you bad karma

Myth II's Cojundrum Corrilary
Asking for bad karma gets you bad karma, too

Notelrac's Note for Newbies
If you haven't seen it before, Run Away!

Elenis' Giant Anachriod Grumble
After killing one, you will always be hit by the next

Llerendel's First Rule for Bricks
Don't heal the Brick

Llerendel's Second Rule for Bricks
Don't be a Brick yourself

Llerendel's Hierarchical Hypothesis
Now matter your strength, some monster out there can kill you

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