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Where to Skin

The following is the information I have gathered about the places where a party with some skea could go to earn a few coins.

North Forest

Mostly Large Vermine and Ferals with the occasional Brown, Large, or Dire Feral thrown in for good measure. If you are actively looking to make money I recommend making sure someone in the party has at least 20 skea. This makes sure you actually get most of the 4c feral skin and gives you a reasonable chance at some of the brown and large feral skins.

South Forest

Fur wise, this is mostly Large and Giant Vermine, Island Panthers, Artak and Bolok Cougars and the occasional Maha Ruknee. Of course there tends to be a lot of other creatures that don't have fur which you have to fight through in order to get to the money. I Recommend at least 30 or 40 Skea if you want a reasonable chance of skinning the Artaks and Boloks. But even 10 Skea will bring in a fair bit from all the Large Vermine and Island Panthers and you'll still probably skin an Artak or two.

East Forest

The east forest closest to town is mostly useless for making money. Only the occasional starbuck and vermines. However, if you intend to hand out near the passes, then you'll likely find Wendecka. 20 or 30 Skea will give you a good chance of making some money.

Passes, Wells, Greymyr Village

These places are full of Wendecka, Night Wendecka, and sometimes Day Wendecka. These three cover a fairly wide range of skinning ability. You only need about 25 or so lessons to get most of the regular Wendy skins, but you need nearly 100 lessons to be assured of getting every Day Wendy skin. If you hunt there regularly, and kill the Night Wendys with ease, I'd recommend having someone along with 40 or more lessons to help get a lot of the Night Wendy skins.

Northeast Lake

Island Panthers, Artaks, Boloks, and Mahas. If you are going to make the trip all the way out to actively hunt the cats then you might as well get your moneys worth. In this case thats getting the Boloks and the Mahas which can get into the 10-12c range. A skinner with 50 Skea will give you a good chance at those.


Savanna Maha Ruknee and Plains Maha Ruknee populate these gently swishing grasses. If you're looking to get a lot of money don't even bother without at least a 40 lesson skinner. Preferably you want someone with 75 or more lessons in order to help get the most out of the Plains Maha which are often worth more than 10 coins.

Lily Pond

Swamp Ferals and Cave Maha Ruknee are the money makers here. Swamp Ferals are worth as much as 20 coins and I had a run once of 6 in a row worth more than 14 coins. Minimum recommendation is 50 skea. The more the better with Swamp Ferals though. 100 lessons would not be wasted if you hunt here regularly.

Tree Giant Breeding Grounds

Large and Giant Vermine, Foxweirs, Giant Foxweirs, and more can be found here. It is not unheard of for the rarer forms of Vermine to rear their heads. (Dark, Death, Demonic). A 20 skea person can rake in some good cash off the Foxweirs and Giant Vermine. 50 or so lessons would probably help to get the real money off the Giant Foxweirs and more deadly Vermine.

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