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There are now a variety of different items available to healers. It's not just a moonstone anymore.

Moonstone This is the item that defines a healer as a healer. Without this, a first or second circle healer can not actually heal anyone. To use it you just hold it in your hand and touch an injured exile. It will deplete some of your health and spirit in order to heal the other exile.

Slyphstone Ring Once you pass the second circle test, there is a ring you can buy, last I checked, for 250c. This ring and thirty lessons with Sylpha will allow you to self heal automatically whenever you have the spirit available. The truly nice thing about it is once activated, you no longer have to worry about it. It continues to work even when you take it out of your hand and put moonstones, or swords in that hand. This is a must have for high respia, low higgrus healers. It is also extremely useful for fighting healers.

Caduceus Once you pass the third circle test, there is an item you can buy which will allow you to heal people from a distance. It's a bit pricy at 1000c but when coupled up with a lot of Proximus training, this item can let you heal from quite a distance. Distance healing can be useful in a number of different ways. You can heal people while both of you are running, you can heal people without putting yourself in danger, you can heal bricks without blocking them, you can even heal those annoying people who never stop running long enough for you to heal them. Once you become powerful enough, you can use the Caduceus for burst healing as well. The only problem with the Caduceus is that when you are healing at the edge of your range, you lose health and spirit very quickly which can prove dangerous if you aren't careful.

Purgatory Pendant Once you pass the fourth circle test, you can buy a Purgatory Pendant. This item allows you to step into Purgatory and return to an altar while you are still alive.

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