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Being the kind of person who tends to be curious about such things I did a study on how Evus and Bodrus teach. I found that they teach a combination of some of the other trainers. I've tried to determine the ratios of those teachings. Please be aware, however, that Joe does tweak these from time to time so these are a rough estimate at best.

I've also learned that Swengus and Atkus train a bit of overlap as well.

Swengus appears to teach a very even balance between Balthus and Regia. There doesn't seem to be much of an advantage to training either way. 20 Swengus appears to be pretty much the same as 10 Balthus and 10 Regia.

Atkus teaches you how to hit more often, but he also teaches a little bit of what Balthus teaches. (So that you can swing harder)

Evus teaches: (I'm mostly guessing)
70% Swengus
    35% Balthus
    35% Regia
23% Histia
15% Atkus
15% Darkus (very unsure of this one)
5% Detha (only know that it is less Detha than Darkus)

Bodrus teaches: (roughly)
50% Swengus
30% Atkus
20% Histia
15% Darkus
10% Detha

Hope that helps people decide how best for them to train.

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