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Being the kind of person who tends to be curious about such things I did a study on how Eva and Spirtus teach. I found that they teach a combination of some of the other trainers. I've tried to determine the ratios of those teachings. Please be aware, however, that Joe does tweak these from time to time so these are a rough estimate at best.

Eva teaches: (roughly)
37% Respia
35% Faustus
35% Higgrus
28% Sespus
06% Horus

Spirtus teaches: (roughly)
27% Faustus
23% Sespus
21% Respia
10% Higgrus

In addition Spirtus does seem to effect the speed with which you get healed. In my fairly limited test case of one, A person who had trained one rank past good to see you with Higgrus after getting 60 Spirtus was healed about 25% faster than a person who had trained to one rank past good to see you with Higgrus.

Hope that helps people decide how best for them to train.

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