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Welcome, all, to my shelf of scrolls. For those of you that don't know me I am a Healer/Skinner for Clan Hunter. At the time of this writing I have passed the Third Circle test, but have not managed to get through the Fourth Circle test. I tend to be a bit quiet until someone asks for my advice or opinion on something. Then beware, because I tend to keep going and going and going.

The purpose of these scrolls is to make available various tidbits of information that I have been gathering. These are not meant to be scrolls for the newly exiled, or helpful walk throughs or anything of that nature. Hunter has started a project for Newcomers which contains a lot of useful information along those lines. My scrolls merely contain information that I find interesting and which I want to make available to others to peruse and make use of as they wish.

Skinner and Healer for Hunter

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