The University of Puddleby

Terrdi, day 64 of Spring, 582

Although the University of Puddleby campus has been open for around fifteen years now, I still think of it as a recent addition. Relatively speaking at least, it certainly is, particularly when one compares it with Puddleby’s much older institutions, such as the Fighter, Healer and Mystic Guilds.

The University of Puddleby Campus in the East Forest.

When the first wave of exiles arrived on Puddleby’s shores, higher education was not a priority – it was all about Lok’Groton’s newest inhabitants’ most basic needs: survival. I myself was not exiled until somewhat later, but I have heard and read much about those days. The exiles took up whatever weapons they could find and studied them to save themselves and their new home from annihilation. Those less interested in fighting directly became Puddleby’s first healers and learned the ways of the moonstones. After the exiles were able to defend the town from immediate destruction, focus turned to erecting buildings to house establishments to fulfil other needs. Thus, the Purple Tor Inn was established, even prior to the Mystic Guild.

Inside the Purple Tor Inn, one of Puddleby's oldest establishments. Gumdar rents rooms by the hour at extremely reasonable rates.

This was a busy time in the town’s development. Over the next few years, both before and after the Ripture War, many buildings were constructed to satisfy the population’s craving for all things new, but none of these included a university. The University of Puddleby began in the year 555 as an endeavour of Harper, Maeght, Connie Crete, and Paranoidos, with classes being run out of the Puddleby Hollows. At this stage, I taught a class on accuracy boosting, a speciality of mine. In these early days of the University’s inception, it proved to be quite a success, which ultimately led to the construction of purpose-made campus in the East Forest. But despite the existence of a large, dedicated building, interest in the University waned, leaving lecture rooms that have gone years without a single class having been held inside.

All is quiet in this classroom. A thin layer of dust covers the desks.

I was pondering this today while I was wandering the East Forest alone, when, uneventfully, I came upon a non-ethereal log. There has been an expansion underway in the University for what seems like its entire existence, but due to its neglected status has never been completed. Until now. As fate would have it, the log I barely managed to pry from the ground was the last needed for the project.

Who will grant the University its permits for the expansion?

Once the permits are approved, will there be a renewed interest in the University as an institution? I cannot help but feel doubtful. The University campus is a warren of nooks and crannies, with it being far too new to be haunted. Yet if it is to remain abandoned much longer, I fear there is nothing stopping it becoming a home to some unfriendly creatures. Time will tell what will become of this place and whether it will ever live up to its potential.

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