Geharza Plane on the Full Moon

Soldi, day 74 of Winter, 582

A small yet influential group known as Purple Haze led an expedition to the Geharza Plane. I am by no means an expert on any of the alternate planes of existence, be it purgatory, the ethereal plane or any other. But I am always keen to learn a few things, should the opportunity present itself.

Purple Haze and their unruly minions gather on the Ethereal Plane.

Reaching the Geharza Plane involves first trekking through the vast expanses of the Ethereal Plane to the Ethereal Tower. This is not to say that the Geharza Plane is a plane “deeper” than the Ethereal Plane, although of course it could very well be. As I understand it, the Ethereal Plane has merely become a necessary pathway for exiles, as some of the ‘Brions have not made their Keeps accessible in any other way.

Trymon and Ansset brave the cold, waiting for the time to enter the forbidden portal.

With members of the expedition deposited in every crystal room of the ‘Brion brothers’ keeps via the Ethereal Tower, portals to the Geharza Plane began to materialise. Unfortunately, one or two of the portals appeared on top of some exiles’ heads, thus delaying entry while rescues were mounted and as reinforcements arrived via Melabrion’s Keep.

The Geharza Plane. Garr casually fends off some inhabitants of the area.

I had only been to the Geharza Plane once before; many years ago, as it was first discovered by exiles. Although I was hoping to discover something new, the place remains as great a mystery as ever. The plane is bleak, yet not totally dark. There are glimmers of light everywhere, forever distant. One need only wander a few metres before seeming to back exactly where one started. There is a portal that moves briskly through the plane, but I cannot help but feel it is an artificial construction here. It seems certain that the ‘Brions were responsible for it. But then again, one must question: is the Geharza Plane a naturally occurring plane of existence, or one created by beings of power, such as the ‘Brions, for some unknown purpose?

The expedition exits via Portal Island ready to fight another day.

After a short stay on this mysterious plane, Purple Haze and company returned home in what could be considered an orderly and safe fashion. If nothing else, perhaps the group has come out with a renewed interest and desire to learn more.

As it happened, it was that time of the zodiac once again: the full Moon. Whenever possible, I believe it necessary to utilise this opportunity to strike the Orga at the heart of their camp take what is, if not rightfully, perhaps deserving, ours. That is to say, the strange looking stone. The Orga must pay reparations in some form, my friends!

However, it being still a while before noon, I took the time to travel to Gungla Island with Fyr’hiel, who was seeking to make himself some new arrows.

Apparently so!

As Gaia would have it, soon enough I had a powerful group to assist me in raiding the Orga Camps.

The team in action. Chckyurplse Jr is hiding somewhere northwest.

Having started a little later than usual, the Magician had already materialised before we had reached the fourth Camp. As such, the lightning was heavy, but with Lorikeet absorbing massive amounts of damage, along with the ample healing skills of Xenos, WormTongue, Mordus and Osayin, the lightning spells cast by the Orga Warlocks were easily dispatched.

Largo heroically vanquishes the fearsome Orga Magician.

With no need to wait until noon, as it was already quite near 13:00, we charged into the pit. Our brave team of fighters led (and sometimes followed). They included President Largo, Downyfoot, Chckyurplse Jr, Maeght, and Leyenda, with the Journeying Mystic Trymon guarding the rear. Once the Orga Magician was dead, I was successfully able to enter the grove and secure a stone.
Many thanks to all involved!

Success! WormTongue takes the opportunity to hawk his wares.

What I constantly find puzzling, is that the Orga, despite having better defences and guards at their disposal, do not defend their Magicians and strange stones better. I realise that these stones are incredibly fragile, and can break at any moment, even with vast amounts of training. Perhaps their value to the Orga is in fact quite limited. Or do the Orga not have numbers to spare?

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