Lugubrion’s Keep

Gradi, day 90 of Winter, 582

I have long admired the time-honoured art and tradition of foot-grabbing. Sadly, however, I have yet much to learn. Super Chicken was impatiently instructing some of us in town how it should be done, when it was decided a short expedition to Lugubrion’s Keep should be made.

Super Chicken decides these foot-grab newlings are a lost cause.

The gardens and grounds of Lugubrion’s Keep are a favourite haunt of mine. They are beautiful and peaceful, whilst being somehow mysterious. Only Thooms are ever truly welcome there, but one need not been seen by Lugubrion’s staff.

Inside the entrance of the grounds of Lugubrion's Keep.

Our small group quickly made its way to the Mountain Glen, where we entered through some trees which are not really trees. Of all the illusions in the Lok’Groton, this is perhaps the most complex. Lugubrion or one of his servants must have incredible powers.

As with all Lugubrion's staff, less than warm welcomes are dealt out to those who are not Thoomish.

As this was just a short trip, our primary interest was in having a look in the areas which we were more expressly forbidden to enter.

Super Chicken in all his rabid glory, handily dispatches some Watery Guardians*. Azel helps too.

After Azel and Super Chicken cleared away the elemental guards, we checked some of the nearby rooms for any evidence of unusual activity. By this point, of course, the warrior Mujin-kun urgently required Azel’s presence at some undisclosed location, meaning it was time for us to go.

Lugubrion's Conference Room. Where are you, Lugubrion?

Lugubrion rarely interacts with exiles, and as such, I was hardly expecting him to make an appearance. But as his keep, and particularly, his extensive library suggests, he has much knowledge that could be both useful and fascinating to the Puddlebean community. What could be offered to interest him into sharing some of what he knows?

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