66th day of Spring, 582


As I have learned, it seems everyone but my dear Slyph knew of my fondness for her. But taken aback by the news, and shaken by the words I addressed her – and I pointedly refrain from mentioning Lily Fren’s dreadful timing on her well-meaning but self-appointed approach in the matter – the Sylvan beauty, after only some hesitation, gave a poignant and heartfelt answer, a decisive yes! And subsequently proudly announced our engagement to everyone in town.

The original announcement was too emotional for me to capture a sketch, but her subsequent gloating about her catch inspired me to immortalize it

Lily Fren, squire to the resplendent healer, was honored – and petrified with mind-numbing terror – to be named wedding director, with full creative control, under our watchful and critical eye, of course. Funds will be put together for what is sure to be one of, nay, THE most incredibly exuberant display of style and taste, as our love is celebrated for the entire world to see – other worlds having expressed an interest, but sadly had other plans (or planes, as it may be).

An apt sum-up of the example we shall strive for as a celebrity couple in Puddleby - and perhaps inspire others?

The date for the wedding has not been set yet, of course, as my ravishing companion and I bask in prenuptial bliss, which aside from the obvious will no doubt express itself in a good few parties and gambling bouts. Once we (and Lily) feel ready, announcements will be made, and a whole other set of complications will arise. For now however, the focus is squarely on enjoyment and celebration for the sublime knight and myself.

Salazar putting both "man" and "best" in "best man", all at once (and yes, he made it back alive after snatching a third fallen Mystic, Ansset) - Sketch courtesy of Lily Fren

Too soon, sadly, the dazzling embodiment of style had to leave us for her studies, a void that could only be filled by idle distractions such as… picking a best man. The elimination process was short-lived however, as my mind was set on my good friend Salazar. I hope the other candidates will not resent me – or him – for that choice; I’m sure he will be considerate enough to not monopolize and hit on every female at the reception; but then again, that is his traditional right and duty. My only worry is convincing him to put clothes on for the occasion.

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