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Clanlord - Great God of the Sun's Temple as seen by the follower Sassy:

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Puddleby Confession

A statement of belief by the Daughters and Sons of Light, Followers of the Sun God.

The Sun God is a prime source of good in the world.

The Sun God seeks knowledge through the Daughters and Sons of Light .

We all have part of the Sun God inside of us (except the Children of the Night) and we turn to that inner link for strength and comfort.

We are compelled by our Inner Light to help others.

We, with the followers of the Earth God, must seek out the last of the Third Children to return them where they belong.

We have the greatest respect for the Earth God and followers for the God's wisdom, comfort and strength.

We respect the Moon God and followers, for the God's grief and overcoming jealously and fear.

Faith in Action –

Followers of the Sun God exhibit their belief in many was. Foremost is their passion for knowledge and understanding and their praise of the Sun God.

We seek and distribute knowledge.

We aid those in need.

We pray to the Sun Lord at the rising and setting of the Sun.

We tithe 10% of our earnings to the church, the deserving (healers) or the needy.

We seek to destroy Evil in all its forms.

We promote what is good.

As a young religion we are still forming the statement of Belief and Faith in Action. Please submit your comments.

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