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Clanlord - Great God of the Sun's Temple as seen by the follower Sassy:

sassy sun god temple clan lord

Some well loved prayers

Evening Prayers:

"Sun Lord, Let my prayers rise before you as inscense \r"
"a lifting up of my hands as an evening sacrifice \r"
"Sun Lord,I offer myself to you as your servant. \r"

"Lord Sun, your Light has warmed and filled me through the day \r"
"restoring my soul for the walk through the dark, your light shining within me \r"
"Lord Sun, I am, as ever, your servant"

Morning Prayers:

"Sun Lord, Shine thy Light and strength upon us all \r"
"With this dawning of a new day, I renew my vows of service. \r"

"Lord Sun, we rejoice in the restoration of your Light \r"
"renewing our bonds to you through prayer and action. \r"

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Take at look at what others have to say

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