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E.P.I.C. Statement (Mid-Winter 595)

The Ethereal Plane Imaging Crew (E.P.I.C. – Or the Mystics’ Easygoing Exploration & Kibbitz, M.E.E.K., depending on how you see it!) has been working for the last 2 (IC) years in order to make an updated and accurate map of the Ethereal Plane (and related areas) available to the general public. The group began immediately following the completion of the Ethereal Plane Classes co-hosted by the Hel Tree Order and the University of Puddleby.
Primarily, we have been working on mapping the Ethereal Plane, and related areas. One of the side areas of interest has been Lugubrion’s Keep, as it has been an unending mystery for some time. The initial leaders of E.P.I.C., Drablak, Feodoric, and Lily Fren, each have had their own particular input into the mystery that is Lugubrion’s Keep Tower that the Sarir told the group, LEG, all those years ago, to focus on.
Many theories were dealt with, and I will go into the details of what we have tried later, but I want to deal with the results first (as I expect most people won’t be as interested in our methods as they are in the results).

By placing a Kyuem on the top of the Tower (whether the positioning was important, we ultimately do not know) and activating the Kyuem with a combination of Mystics and an ethercle, a portal is opened in the third sphere in the Diamond sector that leads to the Tower in Lugubrion’s Keep. Effectively tethering a portal, which is expensive to up-keep and limited in nature. We have been unable to make this Kyuem a permanent structure and as I write this, I expect that the Kyuem has disappeared as we have not been able to maintain the ethercles needed to keep the Kyuem in place. However, we have determined what the Sarir was talking about with regard to LEG all those years ago – the Ethereal Portal Stone is not powerful enough to tether a portal in Lugubrion’s Keep, but a Kyuem is. It is important to note that this Kyuem is not working as we would expect Kyuems to work from the Ethereal Wars – opening a portal while the Kyuem is placed on the Lugubrion’s Keep Tower does not direct a portal to Diamond 3.

The results of these experiments were mostly useful in determining the nature of Ethereal items. I hypothesize that a Kyuem is similar in nature to an Ethereal Portal Stone, except perhaps more grounded, which gives it more power. We were also able to determine how to activate a Kyuem, and it is not by feeding it endless supplies of ethercles – that is how you extend the life of the Kyuem to keep it from disappearing.

Things we have tried (that failed):
Placing a Kyuem in Diamond 3 while the Kyuem in Lugubrion’s Keep was inactive.
Placing a Kyuem in Diamond 3 while the Kyuem in Lugubrion’s Keep was active.
Tethering a portal while the Kyuem in Lugubrion’s Keep was active.
Tethering a portal while the Kyuem in Lugubrion’s Keep was inactive.
Opening a portal while the Kyuem in Lugubrion’s Keep was active.
Opening a portal while the Kyuem in Lugubrion’s Keep was inactive.

At this point, we have a few more ideas of things to try, in order to attempt to get the Kyuem to become permanent, but we feel that we hit a breakthrough with discovering the portal that opens when the Kyuem is active, and it begs the question if there are other locations like this in the world, which EPIC will be investigating in the future.

Something to keep in mind, for perspective, at the time when Lugubrion’s Sarir was indicating to LEG (founded OOC: Jan 17, 2008, Kyuem attempted around April, 2008) that a Kyuem at the top of the tower would be helpful, only Thooms were able to enter Lugubrion’s Keep – which is why the LEG group was made up of Thooms (and many fine-looking ones, might I add!). At the time that this was happening, had LEG managed to discover what we had, it would have allowed explorers to enter and explore Lugubrion’s Keep much earlier than Puddlebeans ended up being able to when the illusion in Glen was discovered (Glen discovered around OOC: October 2008, unclear when the illusion was discovered, by mid-2009 the illusion had been discovered).

EPIC is far from complete with our quest, and as we find things, we will update. As long as we are walking over pre-explored territory, we see no need to fill people in with redundant information. We hope that this information proves useful in the future.

– Lily Fren

I’ll finish with some sketches, since everyone likes sketches!

First Group Placement

First Group Placement

EPIC - We're Going To Blow Up The World!

EPIC – We’re Going To Blow Up The World!

Calm Before the Storm

Calm Before the Storm

We Didn't Place That Portal...

We Didn’t Place That Portal…

Lily has a Kani!

Lily has a Kani!

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