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A word about Lily..

I’m a silly, breakable Fen’neko Mystic. Not sure what there is to know, really! More fun to learn about a person in.. you know.. Person.

On Survivability Training
I am adding this note here, as many folks seem to be in disbelief when I say that taking on a rat is quite a sufficient challenge for me.
I have never trained anything that constitutes physical strength or survivability. My ability to survive out of town is largely dependent on how attentive I am to my surroundings, and the locations of attentive healers.

Today, I offer proof:

He looked at me funny the first time I saw him. Gave me the creeps.

This one laughed in my face when I once thought about training with him. Haven't been back to discuss the matter since, and am likely not going to.

Apparently I need to actually have something worth regenerating before he'll consider taking me on.

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