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Cast of Characters

It’s been noted, multiple times by multiple people, that my nicknames are not the clearest. I give these nicknames as a term of endearment, and they are only applicable to my closest friends or people who have made a distinct positive impression on me. The only exceptions to this being individuals of a specific rank that demands respect (the Ma’tas – barring one, and ser Slyph).

As a reference, I now present the cast of characters’ given names with their corresponding nicknames. Portrait sketches to come soon!

Feodoric – Fretty
Feodoric is a scholar, through and through, and a workaholic. When I first met him, I joked about how he frets all the time, and the joke has stuck. His work with languages and scholarly endeavors continues to encourage and inspire me to continue my own studies. He is the closest to me, and knows me the best at this point.

Ada – Spunky
Ada is an Apprentice who caught me completely off-guard one day in town. Finely dressed and with a go-get-em attitude, she has been an interesting, yet brief, inclusion into my circle of those I consider my friends. Hopefully she, too, will make her return one day.

Athl – Bulky
Athl made an economic marking for himself from day 1 of his exile. He was ranked among the same levels of wealth as I would place Trymon. Something happened, at one point, and he has gone from being Human to Fen’neko. He has since joined the Neko No Kessha and seems to have found a good home for himself. I don’t see him as much, anymore, but I hope he’s doing well. At least he is still ‘bulk’ing up!

Aurelie – Chirpy
Aurelie and I became pretty fast friends on the surface. Originally because I felt she may have been overly flirtatious, but I have come to realize that she really is just that friendly. Our friendship was solidified when we went on the Albino’s expedition in ‘Noids. She is nothing but friendly and supportive of her friends, and her nickname reflects in essence her thriving spirit and generally positive attitude toward life.

Farb – Pinky
Farb is an avid supporter of mystics, and has been nothing but kind to me since I’ve met him. I don’t know too much about him, sadly, but his image is forever burned into my memory. That dwarf is scarily pink.

Geotzou – Kudzou
Geotzou is known famously around Puddleby for his incredible work with Kudzu, and as I’ve gotten to know him, he is very quick to pun. I thought a name that mildly incorporated both would be fitting for one of my newer friends.

Gremlins – Zpider
Gremlins has been an avid supporter of whipping me into shape since we met. Or at least, that’s what I’d like to think is the reason for him taunting me with his “friendly” family of spiders. I quite like him and his wife, miss Eirian Caldwell, and they both seem to be there if I ever need help. I originally started calling him Spider-Zo, but honestly.. That’s a mouthful. So Zpider came to be.

Guinness – Frothy
The first fighter friend I made. Guinness has an uncanny need to pelt coins at me in large amounts. Part of me thinks he wants to see how many it would take to fell me. It took us some time to make the connection, but it turns out he is my long-lost older brother. It’s been so good to reunite with him, and I hope to have many adventures in the future with my Bardic Brother.
He has retaliated his nickname by calling me “Silly Lily” or “Lilums”, both of which I also find endearing.

Kani – Lazy Ranger
Kani is a friendly Sylvan who, without a second thought, assisted me when I was desperately trying to help Trymon find an orgaberry to complete his orange outfit. Kani has done nothing but amuse me since meeting him. I don’t know him very well at this point, but maybe in the future.
He, also, retaliated to his nickname by calling me “On-Call Bait”. Highly amusing, given how frail I am.

Salazar – Ma’ta Sally
Salazar is the only Ma’ta to breach the no-nickname rule I have. We became friends before his promotion, and he got his nickname from giggling like a schoolgirl, so I felt a girly name would be sufficient picking-on. I almost dropped his nickname when he achieved the title of Ma’ta, but Trymon pointed out that it might hurt Salazar’s feelings. He’s even Trymon’s best man, as I clearly cannot fill that role. He, too, has disappeared into the abyss. I still hope to see him return soon!

Trymon – Swanky (was Fishy)
Trymon has been a good friend to me over the years. Lately, he has been… I suppose… Preparing for his wedding with his bride to-be. He’s not been out and about much, lately. I hope they return, eventually. For the time being, that’s all I can do.

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