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by Lily  June 24, 2012 7:25 pm

To Keep One’s Ego In Check

So apparently someone pointed out to mister Paramedic that I have been recording my thoughts. I think my audience just expanded exponentially. The librarians say that today is the busiest day for reference checks to my section of the library. The day has not even fully begun as I write this.

I am deeply humbled, flattered, and encouraged with this news. The trouble will be to continue to write as I have been without letting the idea that my audience is bigger go to my head. When I began writing, I assured myself that this would be an account of things that have been important to me, but I am not a newspaper. I do not do fact-checks or research unless I wish to in my own right. This is meant to be a journal about how I see the world and the things that happen within. I must remember that this journal is for me, and the people who read it will enjoy it in their own right. I do not necessarily need to cater to what I believe they want.

Right of Passage

In celebration of creating The Hel Tree Order, we have hosted an Inaugural hunt that was initially a concern about turnout. Being a clan that is 80% mystics, there is a fear and a worry that we won’t be taken seriously. It seems, however, we have managed to establish ourselves and are taking ourselves seriously. In no small part to I credit Ma’ta Drablak with this. His extensive exploration work and guides have helped countless and have been a personal inspiration. It’s no big surprise he managed to attract so many large names.

In attendance for Cimmbrion’s Maze we had:
Dae Fenris

With no trouble, we managed to work our way (the relatively long way) into Cimmbrion’s conference room through Melabrion’s Keep. I managed to have first blood on Melabrion’s Island, thanks to pebbles. mister Fenris managed to win the roll for the Ethereal Boots, which is how I honestly was hoping that would turn out. We proved we can make this trip, and I am excited at the idea that the junior members of our community can take part in these types of things like this. Not to mention, he won it fair and square given our social criteria for these things.

Overall, this was a very successful inaugural hunt. We even ended an hour within time. One of the main goals was to see how much support we could garner. The answer is quite a lot. This is promising for more challenging expeditions, which are in the works.

I’ll admit that it was rather obnoxious that I heard 3 times that we were having a “mystic convention.” Not necessarily because it would be a bad thing, but more because it completely misses the point of what we are doing. Though, I say this while knowing full well that it was likely said in jest.


Once we exited to Portal Island, we began to reform for a Forge trip. We lost a great deal of people in the process, but gained others as we went.

Forge Extension:
Frozen Shade
Elenis Reyav
Dae Fenris

We did not make it to the Forge within time, and we lost several members before we were able to break into the Portal Snell comfortably. During which we lost several members of the group, Stinkfist, Var, and mister Fenris. Those who remained pushed through toward the Forge to stage a rescue from there, with Captain Stinkfist departing to rejoin the group. mister Paramedic ended up unable to cross the sphere correctly and had to pendant out.

We fought our way to the Forge, and thanks to mister Reyav’s chaining, we retreated into the Forge itself with only miss Taryn remaining alive as far as healers go. Once recovered, mister Reyav volunteered to do a chain run to collect mister Fenris and Var. Upon his success, Drablak opened a portal and we were on our way home.

For both portions of this hunt, we had great legendary people come to help us out, and it was truly humbling that in an age where it appears the brutal strength-increasing obsessed fighters rule Puddleby, enough people are still interested in things that aren’t necessarily the most helpful in becoming stronger and we were able to provide interest. In return for the support we were shown, I will personally push for more challenging or interesting locations in the near future. I’m sure my clan brothers feel strongly in the same way.

Though, I admit, it will be nice when I have a clan sister.. or 5. Being surrounded by all men is a bit daunting. Even if one of them is my brother.

Shameless plug: If you have interest in our clan, just speak to any of the Council: Feodoric, Drablak, myself.

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