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by Lily  May 27, 2012 5:20 pm

Per Master Trillbane, the Orga have summoned their God, Bartok.. And given reactions, this seems to happen periodically. The history books I have read lead me to believe this may be the same deity that took the Altar from Town Center’s Temple all those years ago, rendering Healers helpless to heal themselves.

For all intents and purposes, when one thinks of a “deity,” you think immortal, generally having some sort of motivation, and generally a relatively all-powerful being. Most of us expect never to see the deities in question actually manifest themselves, and if they do manifest themselves, it seems logical to assume that they have some sort of purpose.

The Orga seem to summon their deity, Bartok, and while he is definitely strong, I cannot see much by way of all-powerful or some sort of motivation. This could be a lack of insight into Orga civilization, which we will likely never learn about with the on-going raids Puddlebeans partake in of Orga lands.

The most interesting aspect of Bartok is that it seems he is able to be killed. At least his at-the-time manifested self.

Overall, this Orga deity seems nothing like one would expect, and seems to have none of the motivation that one would expect. Once the Puddlebeans were defeated, he came out to check on his Stronghold. He was met with some accusations, several insults, and seemed mostly only interested in roasting those of us which wouldn’t go to “Purg Tor” (which I presume is his way of saying Purgatory).

As an aside, I wonder, at times like these, how things would be different if Puddlebeans – particularly the fighting variety – weren’t so ready to kill those who enter our sights. These are the original owners and (presumably) creators of stones which Mystics utilize. They wield several varieties of magics that might be beneficial in combat, or even non-combat, ways. Yet, we slaughter without thinking, ignoring thinkers who argue that it may not be the best idea. Yes, they’ve invaded, we’ve invaded, tit-for-tat. Have you, dear reader, ever heard of anything beneficial coming from two peoples who mindlessly go back and forth with their violence? I certainly haven’t.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Sun, Moon, Earth
The generally accepted trinity of Deities who presumably created the cosmos and all that goes with it. Sun, who is presumed to be of infinite and glorious wisdom, sits in his sky, looking down upon us. Illuminating our lands and granted us knowledge so we are better than beasts. The Moon, bathing us in safety during the darkness of the night. Her light rejuvenates and restores us, and allows us to rest so we might begin again once the Sun has risen once again. The Earth is hard and protective, shielding us from the harshness of .. Well, in all honesty I’m not sure what the Earth’s purpose is other than to have us live on her and thrive. Somehow this translates into Fighters, or so I’m told, but I don’t full see the connection.

Do the Orga believe our creation myth? I certainly doubt it, considering they name Bartok a God. Have we ever been able to summon a manifestation of Sun, Moon, or Earth? We wield gifts that seem related to these deities in the sky and under our feet, but we’ve never conversed with them. We have, however, conversed with other such beings.

Several accounts of sightings and even conversations with Gaia have been had. Some have managed to enter her temple and see her inner sanctum, or so I’ll call it. She is a Goddess of the Earth. Does this not seem a little contradictory?

Religion-based Deities
Nox Sorora
The Nox Sorora, as I understand it, worship the Mother Night. Mother Night was betrayed by her first son, Leviathan, and he sent her second, third and fourth children (Sun, Moon, Earth) to do his bidding. Yet they turned on him after seeing his betrayal and locked Mother Night and Leviathan in an eternal struggle. They now seek to release neither, and as I understand it, followers of this order seek balance, rather than victory to the Mother Night.

Mother Night and Leviathan are deities again, which seem to be higher powers than Sun, Moon, Earth.

Some have said that the Sun, Moon, Earth creation myth is too wholesome and fails to explain everything. If there are no opposing forces, why should there be any struggle, if the creation myth is to be believed.

Some oral traditions have passed down the additional myth of ‘Shadow.’ His motivation is that of doubt, curiosity, intrigue, and mystery. With the Sun illuminating, the Moon rejuvenating, and the Earth protecting, what is there to promote us to grow, develop, and learn? If everything is handed to us in infinite wisdom, then why are we pressed to learn more? This is what the believers of Shadow believe his purpose is. To help us utilize the gifts of Sun, Moon, and Earth to further ourselves. He sees what we cannot, and entices us to see through his eyes.

Yes, I was raised with this oral tradition, and yes, I believe in it. That aside..

Hierarchy of Deities
Our world is so complex, what if no one is actually wrong? What if we are simply little pieces that are part of a much bigger world that we cannot see?

The lowest of the Deities would be able to manifest on our physical plane and interact with us as any other person could.
Then there would be the Deities who shape and nurture our world.
Above them are the Deities who attempt to balance the cosmos.

These are just idle thoughts of a woman who has just seen a being known as a God, but it may be worth some thought.

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  1. Reply by Kenegluk July 22, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    There was a time when I tried to fathom the endless depths of reality. I found it was a path to insanity. After pulling myself back to sanity I realized that sanity was much more valuable than knowledge. It is far better to know nothing in bliss, than to know all but yet be chained to utter torment.

    When I first came to Puddleby, I had a lust for the secrets of the mystic. Over time I realized it was pointless to try to quickly know those things that until much later, I did not need to know . I learned that If I truly had a need to know, I could ask and be told. I still have a genuine interest in anything a mystic says but I do not feel that I must understand it. I am pretty content in doing my job as a healer and letting the mystic do whatever it is that mystics do.

    As a healer there is a tendency to beat myself over the head for not being as advanced as the most advanced healers. Take your time in the quest for knowledge. Don’t give yourself a headache trying to learn everything ASAP.;)

    Also I am very interested in helping any mystic do anything mystic related regardless of how mundane the task may appear. The knowledge of the mystic is a very powerful thing to master for any healer or fighter.

    Please notify me of any mystic hunts. Just about any Mystic hunt is a rare opportunity to learn something new, helpful, and valuable about the game.

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