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by Lily  April 30, 2012 2:27 pm

Ponycorn Weddings..

A fairly impromptu wedding occurred a little while ago, the wedding of King George the Second and … miss Jane.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have absolutely no issue with people finding, exploring, and pursuing love. Especially the meaningful kind.

I have to wonder, though, what the rush was.

That being said, I officiated the ceremony. I had a couple of days to prepare.. Something.. And it meant so much to Bulky that I wanted to do it justice. I wrote out a nice little blurb about unorthodox couples here in Lok’Groton, but when the time came.. I decided simple was better. Both “fathers” (for lack of a better term) seemed on edge and worrying excessively. I feel a blurb defending the validity of their ponycorns getting married might have resulted in one or both of them to have a breakdown.

For such an impromptu ceremony, it was very nice. Main trouble was that the food went bad before the ceremony even started. I was almost late, so I couldn’t even try to give direction. I probably could have avoided that.

Either way, with a few tweaks, that could have been a wedding of the finest caliber on the Lok’Groton isles. ser Slyph and Swanky should take a page from Bulky’s and sir Coldy’s book.

That being said, I will presume, given the name, that we have Royal Ponycorns now. King George and his Queen, Lady Jane.

Morning Muses

Nothing is quite as nice as waking up in the Sun’s embrace. I fell asleep under the library tree earlier this zodiac, and I lay half-awake in the Sun’s warmth. It seemed to wrap around me like a warm blanket, or like a lover holding me tight.

I probably looked ridiculous, smiling softly in my half-awake state, to mister Blansden (if I’ve remembered his name correctly). I think I might need to consider moving into a treehouse soon. Living underground, I can never position myself to wake in that embrace. Unless I can somehow capture the Sun’s embrace some other way.

It could also be that I am overworking myself and this was a brief moment of solitude and worrilessness.

I think I’ll be glad when this year becomes a memory.

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