A place to keep my memories, in case the worst happens
by Lily  April 3, 2012 5:36 am

If you saw blue eyes that could light and darkle
With merriment or pain;
If you saw a face that was only heart–lonely
In the cities of the plain;
If you felt a kindness that was happy as the daybreak,
Patient as night,
And saw the eyes lift and–the dawn in May break,
You have seen her aright.

Blue-cloaked archangel, rein your steed a little,
Though cities flame!
Messenger of night, though my words are brittle,
Though I know not your name,
Though your steed paw sparkles and your pinions quiver
With colors like the sea,
Tell me if you saw her, if you saw my love ever!
She is lost to me.(1)

Her Return

Long and away, words up to the tippy tops of my ears. I can’t seem to get enough of them, though. If I’m not reading them, I’m creating them. I discovered a collection of tomes that drew my attention quite effectively. They spoke of many subjects, expanding from the art of communication to the simple, basic levels of mathematics that I have been struggling with. There is always more to read, to learn, to expand my repertoire with.

I’ve since rediscovered the spark that initially set the flame, and now that I have truly rediscovered who I am, and what I am about, I have returned to stay. With a new focus, a new drive, and the support with which to achieve the things I wish to, I will not be so easily distracted again.

Lovely promises, but you, dear reader, and I both know that that is quite a difficult promise to keep. So, my compromise is to record better, more often, and in such ways where I have the absolute delight in knowing that only those truly in the know can understand what I mean, and even then, it might prove difficult for them. This serves me in a way to record what happens without revealing things to those who don’t need to understand, and the chance to speak to those in the lands who wish to know. An excuse to meet new people, if you will.

And it has so far succeeded! I met a new Ma’ta who asked me specifically about my writings: Ma’ta Drablak. He is rapidly becoming a very good friend, and approaching the point where he is going to require a nickname. I will be giving this thought as time goes on.

Hel Hath No Fury

One of my big motivators lately has been cementing my friendship with Ma’ta Drablak and accomplishing with him what I feel our community severely lacks. It has been great fun so far, and I have even brought my brother and companion into the mix. We are almost ready to make Ma’ta Drablak’s dream become a reality!

Just you watch us run, oh dear reader.

The Fretty-Fishy Meta-crisis

Our Hero.. Or a Nightmare

I came out of the library this evening, and much to my surprise, it seemed to be a Journeyman takeover! Of our ranks there was myself, Fretty, miss Sonndyh, and mister Zex. miss Sonndyh was fallen beyond the rift that appears every four years or so, and Fretty was just on his way back… With her on a chain.

Now let me explain the significance of this: Fretty does not chain. Not usually. Not unless he absolutely has to. He stood next to me in South Forest one time for quite a while prior to giving up and just chaining me back to town. He prefers not using his chain, and not ruining someone else’s trip by chaining them back to town. Fairly sensible, but not always practical.

Anyway, now that that’s been explained, I began to tease him about turning into Fishy (which, if you don’t already know, was the name for Swanky). Swanky is a rescue mystic.

Not to mention, not an hour later, mister Dalex fell just before the final non-town-drunk healer dashed into the library! Fretty whipped out his Skristal and got not just a reading, but a very accurate reading.

Our venture into the marsh, which was a little more complicated than it should have been.

And finally, the icing on the cake: We launch a four-mystic rescue of mister Dalex. mister Zex is quite good at boosting my clumsiness away, by the way.

mister Zex, miss Sonndyh, Fretty, and myself all dash toward Savannah! This is a bit of a feat, since none of us quite remember the exact way to get there. I feel as though mister Zex and I were on similar ground, as I had a vague idea, but was not entirely certain.

Clearly not entirely unscathed..

We finally get to the Savannah, where mister Dalex is fallen (specifically the Maha Den). We are greeted right away by a Plains Maha Ruknee, which smelled us coming, I’ll bet.

We take off at a run, Fretty and miss Sonndyh trying to escape the Maha to the south, mister Zex and myself to the east. Somehow, miss Sonndyh and I end up leading…

Our deaths, thankfully, were relatively painless.

Fretty and mister Zex take the opportunity to make a dash to the Maha Den. I’m not entirely clear as to what happened on their end, but miss Sonndyh had a stunning revelation while we lay there, too wounded to be of any more help..

Being wounded with a companion is an excellent time for self-reflection and revelation.

Even if not all revelations are good ones..

These are the moments that I do not cherish, the uncertainty of fate..

After some time, mister Zex comes back to join miss Sonndyh and I. Fretty still has not fallen. What is going on is not entirely clear, but I know that not all hope is lost.

A few agonizing moments pass when from the east..

Our Hero emerges!

Fretty appears, mister Dalex in tow, wraps his chain around miss Sonndyh and I and quickly begins his run toward the Marsh. mister Zex reacts quickly and keeps up with little to no difficulty. One last test of Fretty’s constitution awaited him toward the exit of the Savannah, but it was not quite enough to stop his new-found resolve.

Close, but no cigar. Go visit mister Avaric again.

Once we had made it to relative safety, Fretty began going through various stages of change:



Lamenting and railing against his inevitable fate

He continued his lamenting in town, as mister Stora restored everyone to a healthy state, and mister Zex reflected upon what had happened.

It truly was, in the end. We were all impressed.

I was named most valuable! That's what he meant right?!

And, finally, Fretty comes to terms with his situation.. And begins to accept his situation and what he has just done.

Vaguely reminds me of someone else..

That was quite a lot of boosts that happened

After that excitement, we settled down in idle chatter for a time. mister Rodan appeared from the library, and for the first time, I actually met him face-to-face. I’d seen that he had been in the lands, but had not had the pleasure of actually seeing him, myself. It was actually quite pleasing to not be of the dominant race of mystics for a change.

mister Yonosuke ventured out of the library, he was wearing Fresh Off the Boat greys and ventured off to kill rats. Fretty, misters Zex and Rodan, and miss Sonndyh made it a game to see how many times they could boost mister Yonosuke whenever he returned to mister Stora for a quick heal.

mister Yonosuke took it in good humor, wished us well, and went to sleep not too long after that large vermine had been defeated.

Later, as Fretty and I were working on our respective paperwork, a Darshak Acolyte decided to toss fire at me. We went in search of him, and I found him lurking near the clan house. I cornered him and took him on.. I nearly won, too!

As it turns out, Fretty has reverted back to his state of denial..

His face is twisted in a struggle as he keeps glancing at his bag, debating grabbing his chain..

I will be checking to make sure he is not growing throat sacs in his sleep.

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    (1) With thanks to William Rose Benet’s poem, A Long Absence.

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