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by Lily  February 16, 2011 4:33 pm

It’s frustrating when I have to step down from previous obligations. I had agreed to host and organize the pushball tournament, but I simply can’t currently. I have too much going on otherwise. I still have to inform Captain Stinkfist of this, but it’ll be handled soon.

Strike that, I didn’t exactly agree to it.. Much like everything, it was imposed-with-good-intentions. Captain Stinkfist is effectively promoting my community participation by entrusting this to me, but between my studies beginning to consume me and the wedding, I simply can’t schedule the tournament. I just don’t have the energy, not to mention the drive.

The wedding is almost all-consuming, mentally. Despite appearances, my mind is constantly re-rolling through the list of things I need to do. To conclude Teenage Folly, ser Slyph said “yes” to Fishy, and now they are engaged. Seemed quite sudden to me, personally, but they seem happy.

I thought I would be part of the wedding party, and it would be a simple matter of basic normal wedding duties and being able to watch it happen. I’m starting to believe that Fishy and ser Slyph are telepathic in some way and can read my deepest fears, and then take pleasure in using those fears against me.

Congratulations, Lily, you’re in charge of… Everything. I am the wedding director. I’m in charge of planning and pulling off an “extravagant” wedding, an event that anyone would be ashamed they missed. I believe the pressure here is quite intentional.

It all came about quite suddenly, and I must have looked like an idiot when I learned about my new position. They informed me, in front of all of town, that this was going to be the case. I hesitated a moment.. And then accepted it, thinking about a simplistic wedding of traditional Puddleby style. Wedding chapel, reception with music and refreshments. Then it began to trickle in. Extravagance, over-the-top, memorable. Cake, bards, invitations – likely to people who have long-since retired to study, decorations, outfits, original venue.. The list goes on and on. I imagine the expression on my face went from genuinely happy for ser Slyph and Fishy to one with a vapid smile and eyes of fear.

Were this a tale of a damsel in distress, there would need to be a hero. I don’t really consider myself a damsel, but I certainly was in distress mentally. Fretty stepped up to the challenge of playing the hero, and offered to be my “Personal Assistant” to help take a great deal of the weight off my shoulders. miss Miratisu was quite excited. Too excited for how overwhelmed I was feeling. She began listing cake ideas, forms of creatures found around the island. After a great deal of silence on my part, Fretty suggested she be hired to handle the cake arrangements, since she was so eager about it. Once I agreed, she started talking about venues. Oh my brain was going to explode!

Luckily, the wetlands needed help, and as soon as she left for the rescue, I went to hide. It was really all too much!

Fishy, of course, found me. He knows my hiding spots, seeing as we’ve been best friends for several years now. He reminded me that despite appearances, I was going to be able to handle it one step at a time, and it’s a big reason why he and ser Slyph had not set a date. It’s possibly the one kindness they have given me throughout this process so far. Fishy really is a good friend, and he managed to remind me that he was, indeed, my best friend.

There are now expectations from the people who know, and expectations from Fishy and ser Slyph that everyone should know. Probably already. I’m not one for public relations, so it’s another thing I will need to “Delegate, delegate, delegate” (Fretty’s words). Maybe I’ll ask him to handle that the next time I see him. Now there’s delegation for you.

As it stands, I have several things on my agenda to take care of already:

  • Speak with mister Xepel
  • Speak with Ma’ta Diotima
  • Speak with mister Blubrug (miss Crete has agreed to help me look for him, so that’s some relief)
  • Seek out bards and listen to their compositions to try to coordinate music played during the ceremony, or look for bards willing to compose new pieces (I will start with Ma’tas Phiros and Ansset, as they’re the most common bards I have familiarity with)
  • Plan the announcement party for the official engagement announcement (which will be considerably less work, I think)

I will note that people who work “under” me, or I employ the services of, will be paid. I’ll have to discuss this with the bride and groom, however, as they are funding this extravaganza.

My biggest concern, honestly, has already been handled. miss Althea made an appearance while Fishy, ser Slyph, and I were in town. Well, ser Slyph arrived afterward.

mister Daimoth seems intent to stir up trouble, and informed miss Althea that ser Slyph was to be married. miss Althea took it in stride, despite Fishy being convinced that his life was in danger at miss Althea’s hand. I think he’s worrying for nothing. Either way, after what seems like a failed attempt at riling miss Althea into a jealous rage, he began to attempt to insult Fishy’s manhood, asking if Fishy is the husband or wife. Fishy responded in his typical antagonistic way, advising mister Daimoth to wear a pink ribbon around his head. mister Daimoth decided to threaten to “obliterate” Fishy’s being and divide the pieces across the planes of existence. This entire “conversation” was broadcast to all awake exiles at the time, so it was a public display of wit versus brute strength. Seeing as Fishy is not divided equally across all planes of existence.. I’ll leave it at that. All in all, mister Daimoth seems quite touchy when his masculinity is called into question. Not surprising in the least.

Enough about him, I am glad that miss Althea seems happy for ser Slyph, and it alleviates one of my – and Fretty’s – major concerns. If miss Althea showed up at the wedding to steal ser Slyph back, what would happen? I certainly hope we don’t find out. My impression of miss Althea is a good one, so I don’t think she will do that.

A good side to all of this is that I am able to spend more time with Fretty. I’ve learned a lot about him, and he seems to, begrudgingly, trust me. He is rather flighty, however. Can’t quite read his emotions, still. I’ll learn. The insinuations, however, are not helping.

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  1. Reply by Trymon February 16, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    “I’m starting to believe that Fishy and ser Slyph are telepathic in some way and can read my deepest fears, and then take pleasure in using those fears against me.”

    To that I say…

    Love does not consist in gazing at each other
    but in looking together in the same direction.
    – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    In Slyph’s and my case, looking together at who’s going to handle the chores, so we can resume happily gazing at each other.
    And mark my word, it would take more than “showing up at the wedding” to take her away from me!

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