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by Lily  February 5, 2011 5:30 am

Today was exciting!

After a few words in town center with Ma’ta Sally, Ma’ta Diotima, and Fishy, we decided to try for a run at the Abyss. Someone mentioned it in town, and it sparked the idea.. So off we went. Ma’ta Diotima assured us she would watch (likely giggling at our silliness the whole while).

What happened after we landed on Ash was almost bard-song worthy. Ma’ta Sally and Fishy are quite a spectacle to behold. I, of course, fell to a Greater Wraith almost at the doors to the Dark Temple. Ma’ta Sally swooped in with his trusty chain and hauled me through the looming doors.

Inside, he was met face-to-face with a hoarde of Skeletals and a ghost-man blocking the doorway for him to proceed further. Fishy caught up while Ma’ta Sally was trying to maneuver the skeletals and ghost-man away, and between the two, a coordinated effort was made to get past the small entrance into the deeper rooms of the temple.

Down the stairs they went, only to be met with a Greater Death. At least I think it was a Greater Death. Fishy selflessly sacrificed himself in order to allow Ma’ta Sally to swoop him up on the chain and continue on down the red path toward the Abyss.

On the way there, a faithless stopped Ma’ta Sally in his tracks. Quickly he moved to the side, whipped out his wand, and safely convinced the Faithless to kindly move out of the way. He swooped, once again, with his trusty chain, and dove headfirst into the abyss! Our destination achieved!

Surprisingly, after Ma'ta Sally chained us in, we were all still close enough to hear each other

After much confusion from would-be rescuers, my Knight, ser Slyph, managed to figure out where we were. Boy was she mad, too. I’ve been sentenced to wearing tan indefinitely as a result of all of this.

Anyway! The rescuers came and met with the Greater Death I mentioned earlier. They began falling quite a lot as a result, and it has led me to assume that Fishy and Ma’ta Sally survived a Greater Death encounter! Very impressive indeed!

Once mister Naferu, miss Kitty, and their friends arrived, they made quick work of getting us pulled out of the Abyss. On the bright side, we managed to entertain some folks for a while!

As the rescue lands, miss Crete snags us on her chain to bring us to safety

Miss Crete seems a bit disheartened by how easy it was after the Greater Death

I’d say wearing tan is worth it.. I might change my mind after I return to ser Slyph’s residence and see the list of chores she might have in store for me after this, though.

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