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Chicken Takes on Abyss 2!

There I was! Strolling around in the abyss, taking a bath in the lava, two hitting abyssal hunters, you know, the usual chicken stuff…

Entrance to Abyss 2, and a eager chicken.

So I figured I’d give abyss 2 a try!

Buncha abyss 2 critters!

Luckily I shieldstoned myself around and took a good gander. In time I came upon the fabled abyss 2 bridge… I dared not enter it. It is an untaken area inside…

The bridge to ... abyss 3 perhaps?

After my casual stroll through the abyss 2, I walked out.

The exit, in the SW corner.

On a side note, me Stonehand and Garr conquered abyss for like 4 hours this day, and got Stonehand 100 Darshak Liche lasties! fun times.