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The Southern River Delta!

So there we were, doing our daily Estuary hunt. La la la… going to the vine donator so we can get the vine rope bridge up. And then we arrived to a big surprise…

Surprised by the rope bridge completion!

We hurriedly crossed the bridge and were all very excited to be the first to a new area of the Estuary.

The New Area!

As we explored we found a new tent, the fen building commission doesn’t even need permits or materials for their next expansion. We just have to wait for them to complete it.

The new Fen Building Commission Tent!

There were a few tangleweeds in the area as well. Haven’t seen those in awhile.

Fun times on the tangleweeds

This new area of the estuary is called The Southern River Delta according to a locating mystic.


We have all seen vultures, they’re everywhere! Every now and then you see a blue one, that’s the uncommon vulture. But I had heard rumors of a rare vulture in the Estuary. As Azel’s daily Estuary hunts continued, I wondered if I”d ever seen one, and then across a snell we saw it! the rare purple chicken!

Purple! Chicken!

The Purple Chicken is on the far left.

Soon the purple chicken was…. er… taking a nap. Yes. Yes he was. And I chained him to town to live in my house!

da chicken!

Purple Chicken chained by a chicken cat.

FOOTLINE! and Phiros is a fen?!

FOOT LINE!!! For the first time in a long time, we had a nice sizeable footline in town!

Also in an estuary hunt, Phiros apparently is a Fen!