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Sul’Ran… the forgotten hunting ground…

Today a group formed with interest to visit Sul’ran. It was a spontaneous hunt that also required a vast amount of time to do, to a place that has zero demand to be hunted. Me and Garr slaughters almost everything in Sul’ran, but we wanted to kill the big boss at the end: The Possessed Akamua!

So we wet out, we ran through colmert’s castle and got the passwords, we visited the giant chicken statue inside, and we break the illusions of Sul’ran to reach the Akamua. We killed many Sul’ran fighters, we killed roughly 50 lesser sand wurms, and half that in cave cobras. The acid cobras, and other enemies all fell, one by one, slowly as we progressed, and finally got to the Akamua and killed it! I won the trophy.

Estuary Trip! Featuring Relkin.

There I was out and about, and Relkin was around for once! Luck behold I managed to get him to come on an estuary hun with me, and we found ourselves a formidable group! We went to the Estuary and managed to get to the bridge to the newer Estuary area.

So… off we went… huntin and killin… as I searched for the rumored fancy chicken. It was supposed to be common and strong, a good combination for a morph. We found them easily after the bridge, they are very plentiful indeed.

Maps page is up!

Wooo! Somehow I got the maps page to somewhat work sort of. Suggestions to it’s setup? Anyone have any better way to do it? Haha

*scurries into the puddleby blog!*

Ah my very own blog! Thank you for providing this Lundar!

This blog will focus on ranger stuffs. Studies, current studies, old studies, possibly good studies. Stuff like that.

I am also a map maker. My maps of ash island will be given a home here.