Summer 70th, 544

My time continues to be largely occupied by my library research, however, in such time as I can manage to get outside the library I have managed to do some things.

With the kind assistance of many exiles (pictured to the right) I was able to gain access to Lalerad, who teaches an understanding of Ethereal flow.

The party was primarily organized and led by Entil'zha, who agreed to do it at the request of Jo Ma'ril, despite her apparent dislike of mystics.

The group successfully battled its way to the top of Tenebrion's tower, and then down to the basement, the former being necessary component of such an endeavor, as the basement is locked.

This strikes me as a curious thing... Tenebrion is protective of his basement. It is locked, and has insisted that it is private. And yet.... It is in the basement that he has created a location for this new Sarir he has created for the purpose of teaching us exiles to better understand the Ether. This strikes me as a curious dichotomy, he claims his basement as a private space, and yet he offers us training there, so.. clearly he expects us to make the trip. This seems to me to be yet more evidence of his manipulation, sometimes subtle, sometimes less so, of exiles for his own ends. What he wants, in specific escapes me, though I suspect in general, he feels whatever he is doing will be beneficial for him and his brothers.

Our journey was successful, and ShadowEarth, Ezi, Algar, K'vynn and myself were all able to begin studying with Lalerad.

What results the course of study will bring remain to be seen. It is my personal suspicion, that Lalerad's training, like Leladar's is limited in scope. Hopefully it will be enough that we will be able to obtain more useful results from the Ethereal Amulets.

As yet, I do not feel that I have learned enough to make a difference. The training itself is curious, in substance it would seem to be similar to that offered by Leladar, however, Lalerad seemed unimpressed by the study I had already done with her. While that study was admittedly of limited scope, I nonetheless expected him to at least acknowledge it.

In other, more mystical news, the Council has again chosen to act. Luminary, one of the oldest members of the Guild has been advanced to the rank of Mystic. I'm sure that her keen intelligence, and her extensive astronomical knowledge will serve both the Guild and Puddleby well.


Summer 29th, 544

Among the most interesting things of note: This pen was located on Ash Island. There are similar skulls marking each wall. From the outside, the center is impossible to see to. When we looked at it, as you can see, there were a number of Night Wendies, and one or two Scarmis Foragers.

Unfortunatly, I had to leave, Lundar remained, and observed as the Scarmis numbers increased dramatically. Eventualy, they burrowed out of the enclosure, Lundar and a number of others were able to enter through the hole left by the Scarmis. In the center of the encloser, there is a castle. Could this be the Castle of Lugubrion? It seems a distinct possibility.


All contained herein, are the works of Callia the Mystic,
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