Diversity Among Mystics


Diversity exists in all profession. From the Horus trained Healer, to the Atkus trained Fighter there are many types of exiles. We have tailors, and bakers, skinners, and pathfinders, we have speed healers, and rod points. We have bricks, and we have vermine killers.

Just as there is diversity in the other professions, so too is there diversity in the mystic profession as well. Potentially, one could argue that there is even more diversity among mystics. Alternatively, many who think unkindly of the mystic profession might say there is less.

Perhaps the best way to decide what sort of a mystic to be, is to consider your activities, and work to match your skills to what you like to do.

Mystics who like to hunt should consider studying the wands, these are some of the few tools which interact directly with the physical world. Mystics of this type my also wish to consider training in such physical skills as they have access to. A fallen mystic is of limited use. For those who follow this path, later considerations might include the study of the Orb of Caesindre. You will also need to cultivate relationships with the fighters who lead hunts, and it may be wise to shift your training so as to be more directly useful to those who you interact with regularly.

Some mystics like to aid in rescues. This represents a role for the more advanced student, as it will include the study of the Skristal. Moderate skill with the Skristal, coupled with good physical skills, will serve you well. A side study of the wands may also be of benefit. Usually, this role will involve a close relationship with a small number of Healers, and possible a Fighter or two who are willing to perform escort duties.

Some mystics prefer to perform long range location. This is a fairly advanced skill, and requires a fair amount of training in the skills related to location. This kind of training can be quite demanding, and mystics seeking this role might forgo extensive training in other skills. This role also requires strong social skills, as it is necessary to learn to work directly with many Healers, often this role requires the mystic to develop working relationships with the strongest of the rescue healers. Depending on the difficulties surrounding a given rescue, it may also be necessary to be on good terms with strong Fighters who are able to facilitate rescues in difficult locations.

At an even more advanced level, are the mystics who can perform such esoteric skills as sunstone tuning, and piercing illusions so that hunting parties can pass through them.


All contained herein, are the works of Callia the Mystic,
who is a character in the game Clan Lord by Delta Tao Software


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