The First Lesson

We live in the physical world, driven by spirit, tempered by mind. All that you see is important, subtle. The passage of days, the cycles of the Moon, the rising and falling of the tides, all these have subtle but important effects. Learn to see the instant in the whole.

The Second Lesson

In repetition there is chance, in chance, there is pattern. Patterns may be repeated, chance may be successful.

The Third Lesson

Backwards and forwards, closer and closer, coming by slow degrees to resolution.

The Fourth Lesson

Patterns within patterns. Sometimes cycles of change do not appear consistent, sometimes patterns are more than one level deep. Change something near, and something far may change as well. Many steps may be necessary to achieve success.

The Fifth Lesson

Economy of motion, economy of pattern, meander and fail.

The Sixth Lesson

All is not as it seems. Greed comes in many forms... Greed will destroy you.

The Seventh Lesson

Each step on life's chain is small, yet each instant has meaning, each moment may contain a microcosm of the whole. Revel in the day to day, take up your Rod and Staff, walk the lands, be here now.

The Eighth Lesson

Complexity is relative, the simple may be obscured by the appearance of complexity. Each step you take may make the pattern more obvious, or less, choose carefully.

The Ninth Lesson

Through the Forest of Confusion, a single glimpse of the tree may be enough to illuminate the hidden meaning.

The Tenth Lesson

All is not as it seems. Choose carefully.

The Eleventh Lesson

Patience, and the lure, repeat....

The Twelfth Lesson

Parts of the whole are obvious, but the order is not certain.


All contained herein, are the works of Callia the Mystic,
who is a character in the game Clan Lord by Delta Tao Software


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