Perhaps this will be more complex and prettier later, for now, I stick to stark utilitarianism.  

Delta Tao, and Clan Lord

Delta Tao Software
Clan Lord
The Know Clans
The History of Shan Deral


The Fellowship of the Red Quill
The Rising Claw
The Winds of Dawn

News and information

Babajaga's Diary
The Puddleopedia
Koric's Journal
Norm's Diary
The Fishmonger
Lundar's Sketch of the day
Jazz's Scrolls
Forey's Scrolls
The Daily Fishwrap
Kira's site



Mr. Nosuch (not for the faint at heart)
Spring Tide
James (Sleipy's clicker)
A Clan Lord Journal


The Head


Other Works

sample female Fen'neko
sample female Human
sample female Ghorak Zo
Gaia's new robe
another female Human
various samples
another female Fen'neko


All contained herein, are the works of Callia the Mystic,
who is a character in the game Clan Lord by Delta Tao Software


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