Summer 66th, 543

As I have mentioned in other entries, exiles have recently been discovering a variety of odd stones in and around the island. Events surrounding these stones have recently come to a head. While I had been requesting samples of the stones to study I had been unable to obtain any, the idea that my knowledge might have been useful was apparently lost on those who did obtain them.

Given what has occurred, I will explain what I had managed to determine. There were five substances which had been located. From my observations, these included the follow: A brittle gray rock, most likely this was flint. A pinkish rock, my guess on this would have been iron ore, used together, these two would be likely to produce sparks. The third rock was a lumpy whitish one, this I suspect was saltpeter, the yellowish rock was probably sulfur, and the black one, probably coal. The latter three, when combined properly, create an alchemical compound ... one which evidence has shown is used on occasion by the Darshak pirates. It's effects are ... explosive.

From what I have been able to determine, an exile named Agrath, who may or may not have been a Darshak spy, arranged to work with members of Hunter and a Darshak Sage, to produce a compound. The specifics of this are not clear, from the vision stones I have viewed it is evident to me that there was both miscommunication, and lies. Both the Sage, and Agrath told the members of Hunter that the compound created from the rocks would be a Ward against the power of the Nox Sorora. Neither the Sage nor Agrath explained exactly how the "Ward" would work.

The pictures I've included below probably explain what occurred far better than I could, though I will offer some speculation. These images are courtesy of Jo Ma'ril.

    The above sketch shows Polgara, of the Order of the White Elephant as she sets the item down near the Chapter house, and lights the fuse.  

The flames quickly engulfed the mostly completed building. Despite firefighting attempts by the assembled members of the Nox Sorora (and others present).

    As the smoke began to clear, it became obvious that the Chapter house had been totally destroyed by the flames.

I find much to wonder at in the events which I have been given reports on. First, I find the duplicity with which Hunter was played to be suspicious. They appeared to be set up to seem the guilty party for the events which transpired. Second, I find Polgara's behavior very strange, she has been studying avidly for some time now, it has been years since I have seen her leave the library stacks. Further, such radical behavior seems quite unlike the Polgara I recall. This moves me to wonder if someone was impersonating her. Third, and finally, I am curious at the large number of Nox Sorora present in the lands at the time. The reports on the subject would seem to indicate that Indigo had been having visions of the potential destruction. The members of the Nox Sorora make many claims to power, claims which I personally have had difficulty substantiating. Are we to assume she had a true vision of events which had yet to transpire?

One famous warrior I spoke to on the subject suggested that the fact that the Darshak were so intent on destroying the Chapter house was proof that it was indeed a power that might be used against them (the Darshak). Perhaps readers will not be surprised to learn that I do not share his faith on the subject.

In other news, it seems that Althea has managed to find a cure for her Lyfelidalism, she has been recently seen in Puddleby at night, without the cloak which she has been consistently wearing recently. It seems the Rideo Risi Risum healer Mugicha had something to do with the cure...


Summer 41st, 543

Another long period where I have seen little fit to write of. What has prompted me this time, is a trip to the interior of Devil's Island, kindly organized by Kiriel D'Sol.

It would be excessive to style myself as an explorer, for it was little more than simple tourism. To be sure, there was danger, but Kiriel was quite familiar with the environs, and was able to lead us safely in, and back out again.

Pictured to the right is the party kind enough to escort me in to see the sights.

The island will certainly not yield any of it's deeper mysteries to such casual investigation as we were able to manage last night, but I wonder what might be there for the finding.

Of considerable interest were the Voolcons, they speak no known language. Luminary, who is a linguist of no little merit attempted to speak with them, but she had no luck. I wonder if there are any of them ... somewhere more secluded perhaps, who perhaps could teach us this strange language of theirs. They spend considerable energy shaking their fists at us, and shouting, but their ire causes little harm, it isn't clear if this is because they are frail by nature, or because we have not truly angered them.

Another issue which has attracted my attention of late are the apparent instances of a disease referred to as Lyfelidalism, the affected seem to transform into catlike creatures similar to those found on Kizmia's island, this process seems to occur at night. Rumors say that there have been several exiles affected thus far, including Althea, Glaurung, and Panos. Babajaga's Diary has more information.

It also seems that Fat Alice has not been as faithless as I first suspected, while she did not seem to like the accommodations we provided for her in the Southwest farms, she did provide an example of the potion she promised nonetheless. This potion is called a Luminescent salve, the salve will apparently also cure Lyfelidalism.

Yet another issue of concern is the Ethereal Pendants. It seems that Tenebrion and his brothers have completed their research into the creation of these devices, Tenebrion has given a number away, seemingly in some sort of sales pitch. Apparently his availability is limited by the good will of his brother Umbrion, who is the actual creator of the items.

To date there has been little success using these items, it should be noted that they are also quite fragile, and tend to crumble after only a few uses.

The final issue which I think I shall mention here, is that of the strange rocks which have begun being found in various places on the island. These include a brittle gray rock, a whitish one, and a number of others. I have determined what these materials are, and if provided with examples, I will identify them.


All contained herein, are the works of Callia the Mystic,
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