Spring 57th, 543

It has been sometime since I have last written, I must ask that my readers forgive me. Events beyond my control limited my chances to update my diary.

In addition to personal issues, there has been little I felt worthy for consideration of late. I concern myself with Guild business often, but I suspect that readers will find this dull. The Council has assigned me another student, one Himitsu, she is refreshing, if a trifle too eager at times. I now have a total of six students for whom I bear responsibility, although the responsibility for one of them is shared with another Mystic. This aspect of the Guild is among the most important of all, the other professions allow their members to muddle along with very little supervision, but we of the Mystic's Guild attempt to take great care of our students.

In other issues, I have been making an attempt to get out of town more often of late, there is much I wish to see and explore. To the right you will see a rare rescue I helped with, I say rare, as I did not fall myself.

Further below, is another rescue I "helped" with, this time in the Valley. As you can see, this one was a more traditional rescue, in that I fell early, and remained fallen for most of it. I did however offer some useful commentary, though I suspect that few of the particapents noticed. Mystics observe rather than particapate in such conflicts, the fact that we have the time for reflection escapes many. They are busy, they are acting, how could one who simply stands to one side have anything useful to say?


The list of things I wish to see grows, but I cannot travel to see these things by myself. I must engage an escort, but the options are limited, and I am unsatisfied with the choices. Two new groups have formed of late, one is composed of young exiles, but shows great potential, the other is a group of more experienced exiles, but they walk the lands at times when I have more difficulty being available ... we shall see. I know one or two strong exiles who are not members of a group, perhaps they could assist...

It is difficult to engage a group, when the goal is unspecific...

There have been other issues worthy of comment, recently there has been a renewed interest in the Full Moon raids of the Orga Camp. There has also been some dissension. Several groups have been vying for the chance to obtain one of the Strange Stones. These groups do not always get along.

Among the most interesting rumors is the possibility that Pogue Mahone may be engaged in a private deal with Tenebrion, involving the Strange Stones. Pogue Mahone recently inducted Malkor into their ranks, Malkor has tried repeatedly to gain Stones, and the rumors about him say he has gotten several. It is also evident that Tenebrion has attempted to establish separate deals with groups whose stability he trusts, notably this has been certain clans.

I have no evidence, but I am suspicious. It disturbs me that a small group of exiles might make such a deal, possibly to the detriment of the community at large. I hope that this is not the case, but with the secrecy which Pogue Mahone proceeds with their activities, there is no way to be sure what their intentions are.


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