Northern wall

killer kudzu rat hut

Killer Kudzu in the rat hut, lining up for another strike ;-)

dinner chef haricot

Prophet is one of the kindest people I know. A real gentleman too. He even took me out to dinner at Chef Haricot's restaurant. Thanks a lot Prophet! I had a great time.

butterflies clan lord

A bunch of fearless butterflies hunting ferals in North Forest.

juliet bon temps wedding clan lord

The wedding of Juliet and BonTemps. The first time I experienced such an event. It was a very beautiful ceremony, and tears of joy and happiness filled the garden fountain.

lounge lizards thuja clan lord

On Lundi, the 110th day of the year 534, Tara, Mork, Eyeball and I founded our new clan, Lounge Lizards Inc. Wudge was very kind to help us out. On the very same day, by the way, I passed the 2nd circle healer test. Yipee! :)

orga hemlock

This Orga Hemlock caused quite a stir (and many a fallen exile) in the newly discovered Tree Giant Breeding Grounds, before it was finally disposed of.

3rd circle lounge clan lord

The 3rd circle lounge was great for catching my breath after finally passing that horrible test.

Cloud and I had the most wonderful week. Cloud became a bard, I got my golden skirt, Cloud found his first lump of ore, and it had metal, and I passed the 3rd circle healer test, and Cloud made 2nd circle, and... The list is just endless!

sun wyrm clan lord

I was trying to solo this Sun Wyrm (the only one I have ever met), but that Deadly Crawler kept getting in my way and I eventually had to retreat.

sylvans town square puddleby

Sylvans took over town square one day. We managed to keep it under control for two hours or so, but decided to retreat when some dwarven warriors started throwing beer at us. Eww, they nearly ruined my dress!

I have decided to take up sowing again. On request from Maz, I have designed this wonderful olive green dress for the good Lady Babajaga. I am thinking about keeping it for myself though...

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