Stuffit Expander 5 or later is required to unpack these stones.

3rd circle thumb
My successful 3rd circle test. Because I messed up when cutting the stone down in size, I look like J'nder. [52 K]

The wedding of Cloud and I. The stone includes the reception, with lots of music being played by Cloud. [140 K]
cloud thuja wedding thumb

4th circle thumb
One of my failed 4th circle tests. This is a little stone since it didn't take long until I hit the floor. [16 K]

Another of my failed 4th circle tests. This time I tried to trap one of the Savannah Maha's on the rocks, but it went right through. I don't think it's possible to avoid one of the cats hitting me. [16 K]
4th circle thumb

oc4 orga camp thumb/div>
This stone shows part of my first venture into the 4th part of Orga Camp. A very scary place. Don't go there! Depart inluded. [356 K]

My second encounter with Falinea, ever. The first one I had in the East Forest only a few days after I arrived in Puddleby. I and others had been fallen for a while when she swept by and healed us in an instant. Unfortunately it seems like she has since lost her healing powers. [16 K]
falinea thumb

darshak liche thumb
One day, this little party decided to take on an Astral Guardian and a Darshak Liche. All without the help of any of the top healers. This stone shows the killing of the Liche. [124 K]

This was the first time that Orga Camp 4 was taken over completely by the exiles. The stone is a quick tour of the entire area. [112 K]
oc4 tour thumb

archne thumb
While hunting Wyrms in the rocky cavern, our party decided to respond to a cry for help sent from the Arachnoid cave. I suspect that Zonk is to blame for the hundreds of Small Arachne that hindered our exit. [176 K]

One day in Snaggy Wood, a small party attempted to reach the Bones snell. In Rieger we were met by an unusual spawn of Angers and I dared to predict 6 Furies. Guess what. About a minute later they appeared. But these Furies were not normal... [118 K]
orga furies thumb

4th circle thumb
Finally! After much pain and agony and months of training I passed the 4th circle healer test. Notice that one of the Savannah Maha's is not hitting me. [23 K]

On day 337 of the year 536 Bartok reappeared in the meadow along with a large force of Warlocks. This stone shows the planning and execution of our counterattack. [684 K]
bartok meadow thumb

abyss conquer thumb
What was thought to be impossible has finally been accomplished. The Abyss has been taken by a group of eight exiles. And I was a part of it! The others were Gurgi, Dianus, Babajaga, Yoshida-X, Mervine, Knucklehead and Degu. [140 and 172 K]

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