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Book of the sun

Fellow Scholars,

I would like to update you on some of the research I have been doing of late. I have been spending increasing amounts of time in the library only to find scraps of information. As we have no scholarly journal here on Puddleby Isle I have yet to submit it for publication but I would welcome your advice as to content, presentation and additional areas of study.


There are no known copies of the Book of the Sun. We do know some of the content of that work because they were quoted in the text written by the human, John of Split Pines, On the Establishment of Natural Order.

John's work has been meticulously copied over the centuries, however many variant editions are known to have existed. We do not know which variant I have found in the Puddleby Library, or even if it is a documented variant. Up until this point scholars have not even known if copies of John's work still existed.

It is my hope that my work here will help to preserve this knowledge for future generations. The volume in hand is so worn that many portions are crumbling and illegible. It appears to have been the working copy of a mystic named Theodus the Tired, who has annotated the margins in many places.

The work seems to have 2 distinct sections with the first being a collection of wisdom and instructions from those who follow the Sun and the second section dealing with forms of worship and service. The little evidence given suggests that the vast majority of followers were mages of some sort. There appeared to be some sort of ranking to the followers and priests of the Sun but its structure and function is unclear.

There did seem to be many different roles and variants to worship. There was a significant amount of worship centered on a temple or large church of some kind. Another branch was centered on more of a traveling worship with small portable altars and individuals worshiping completely out of the common eye.

All that being said it cannot be proven that this is in anyway an accurate text and my translations and transcripts are far from complete, but this is what I have to share with you, my fellow scholars.

I have begun to carefully copy quoted potions of the Book of the Sun from On the Establishment of Natural Order:

Am I not hidden?
Am I not alone?
Can I not exist apart?
A soul to myself?

Must I act as bidden,
In the play's of Gods?
I feel that I am myself,
Apart from my community.

Unseen hands guide and spirit pushes,
Concentration takes over all.
My mouth opens,Your words emit,
but they are of my heart.

[Text missing]

A stout piece of unblemished Elm. 4 Ct.'s long.
2 bronze caps to be affixed to the staff in the ceremony.
1 bunch bramble berries

The ceremony must take place near a bend in a stream so that the . . . . .[c]areful not to damage it with the heat . . . . . . in the light of the blessed Sun to charge . . .

[Text missing]

Align the internal structure of the stone in a North-South orientation using a . . . . You may need to build an apparatus to accomplish this; the smith will be of great help in this effort. . .

[Text missing]

. . . Light and heat are 2 edged,
nurturing, growing, and creating,
burning, scorching, and destroying.

Use a seed to capture the power,
form and guide the light into a stable source,
draw from that source sparingly. . .

. . . Center on the stone until the gray haze forms in your mind, then draw lightly from the living source, guiding and forming until you visualize the restored body, step by step, as it was first created. Do not be distracted by the world around you or you will have to draw more from the source than you intend. Also, be careful not to use this method on ailments of the mind and soul but on body alone for special training is required to deal with mind and soul, such treatments are available from those in the Temple.

[Text missing]

. . . of the items the curse makes it nearly impossible to destroy. Calling upon the Great Sun while nestling the afflicted item in the bosom of the Earth is only the first step. Next you need a person trained to . . . few are trained but seek them all the same, because . . .

[Text missing]

Comments about the Sun Lord, this Scroll, or Religion in general are welcome here!

Take at look at what others have to say

Since this 18th day of the second month of the year 1999.

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