This is the story of two sisters, twins, born in a remote part of the mainland and cruelly exiled.

J'nder (pronounced Jer-Inder) & J'jh (pronounced Jer-Joh) were born some twenty five summers ago. Their mother J'Krel, a renowned healer, and father Telor, a wandering warrior/Mystic, doted on the twins. J'Krel spent hours teaching the young sisters the healing arts and Telor, on his infrequent returns, would amuse himself by instructing the girls on the use of sword, axe & shield.

As the twins reached maturity, perhaps inheriting their fathers wanderlust, they decided to leave the comfortable and secure homelife and explore the continent of their birth. Making their way from town to village to town and eking a living from healing, they enjoyed life.

One fateful day they came across a battlefield. Many brave (and not so brave) warriors had fallen. Never thinking that the consequences would be so dire, the sisters practiced their healing arts on the fallen. To their surprise and dismay they were captured by the Emperors soldiers, hauled before the Inquisitors and charged with crimes against the empire.

The sisters were separated and incarcerated. Months of torture and cruelness were endured at the hand of the Emperors Inquisitors before the sentence of exile was passed. Neither sister knew of the others fate, whether they were alive or dead.

In their new home both J'nder & J'jh had chosen the way of the healer again. One joyous day in East field both arrived to help a fallen fighter They were reunited. The lessons of their mother & father had proven their usefulness in the hostile land that surrounds Puddleby so J'nder & J'jh could once again practice the healing arts as they were meant to - together - as J'Team.

Order of the White Elephant

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