Greetings fellow Clan Siblings,

I fear I bring ominous tidings which may portend dark days ahead for us Puddleby exiles.

As some of you know my sister, J'jh (may Gaia keep her safe), has left our Island for a while to return to the mainland and search for our Fathers journals.

Today I received a letter from her. She says

Dearest Sister,

I write you this short note in haste, for I must hurry to catch the tide. I pray that it reaches you before it is too late. Today our ship hove to by a sparsely settled island for provisioning & watering. The local inhabitants asked whether the ships doctor could go ashore to tend some children who were sore afflicted with a fungal infection of some kind. Naturally I offered my services as well.

After ministering to the poor mites (who are now fine) the good Doctor and I retired to the local tavern to sample the local produce. Whilst we were eating I could not but help overhearing the conversation between the seaman on the table next to us. It appears that these seaman, from another ship moored in the bay, have been trading with our Island. Not with us exiles, but with the hated Orga! As if this is not bad enough I heard them discussing an Orga plot against our fair town!

The plot involves the Orga gradually replacing key people in Puddleby with Orga shape changers! While I can not be certain (The Inn was busy & loud) I received the impression that at least one subsitutition has been made. The Orga will take advantage of the confusion & doubt sown by these changelings to wipe our fair town off the map!.

Dearest Sister, I write in fear. I trust you will get this note. I have given much of my savings to an adventurer to bring it to Puddleby. I can only pray that it reaches you in time for you to act. I was torn between sending you this or returning myself, but you know that I must make all speed If I am to trace our father.

I must away, the ship is making ready to leave. My prayers are with you, and all of Puddleby.

Your loving sister. J'jh.

As you can imagine, this note shook me to the core. My mind wandered through all the possibilities. We know the Orga have shape changers. We know they have been very active of late, their raids breaching the defenses of our fair town. I have shared my concern with some dear healer friends (Sisyphus, Axell & Magnels) and we have reached the same conclusions.

The Orga's first target was Awaria. We believe this is so because of the following

The Orga have seen Awaria at work, they have seen healers act as lightning rods, take hits from Frenzies & Wraths enabling fighters to bring them down, seen their new Orga Spites fail. The Orga fear that Awaria will allow healers to help fighters penetrate their deepest lairs.

We believe that under cover of a recent Orga raid, an Orga party teleported into the healer hall, kidnapped Awaria, and substituted her with an Orga shape changer. Every healer who has visited her since has had their training corrupted, reducing their self healing power.

We also believe that Awaria is still alive, held by the Orga who are attempting to pervert her training to their own end.

I, on behalf of my fellow healers, and all exiles on our island, beg that our OWE representative bring this matter before the Clan Council. So that we may plan a rescue of Awaria, foil this wicked Orga plot and save our fair town.

Yours, in hope.

J'nder. J'Team & OWE

Order of the White Elephant

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