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Daily Gripe : 2-13

Grank: Hello, and welcome back for another wonderful, informative...

Hrok: raising...

Grank: ...and factual gripe session. Today we have a treat for you crawlers - JoMamma! One of our spotlight Grumpy Old Clanners. He's coming to us live via sunstone and is wearing his old suit of armor! Wow! Isn't that amazing!

Hrok: Er, yeah, I can hardly contain myself

Grank: ...

Hrok: Sorry old man, I'm very excited...woo woo

Grank: Much better. Welcome to the Grumpy Old Clanners website, Jo

JoMamma: 'lo

Grank: I heard there was a really bad GD infection in the waaaaay early 30's and late 20's. Care to comment on that?

JoMamma: Uh, I killed them

Hrok: Hmm, we also remember some really bad orga attacks in the mid 30's...what can you tell us about that?

JoMamma: Uh, I killed them too

Grank: ...

JoMamma: Er, I killed them...good?

Grank: Yea, I'm sure you's a cookie for your efforts...

JoMamma: Oooh, cookie! Gee guys, thanks!

Hrok: Maybe we should switch subjects here. So, JoMamma, what have you been doing all this time? From all the items and such, I'd say you were quite the adventurer...

JoMamma: Well...I killed stuff, and I, uh, got coins from killing them. That's about it.

Grank: ... Ack, damnit Jo, now I'm the wrong color...better

Grank ponders: Good Gaia! This guy is a walking death machine, a brute of unstatured strength with the IQ of a rock...

JoMamma: Say guys, I really need to kill something, because I haven't killed something in the last 3 minutes and that just, well, goes against my morals. Adios!

Hrok coughs

Grank: Well, another wonderful gripe session, in which I think I have a great gripe - how the hell has he gotten so far when all he does is kill stuff? Why, in my day blah blah blah blah blah blah...

Hrok: Uh, stay tuned tomorrow, where we gripe about bunnies, newbies, and the like. Sure Grank, right...I'll bet - slaughtered 30 coiners? Wow, you're just a suave sylvan (better leave while you still can)...slaughter GDs eh? Oh, you slaughter them in one hit, I see - sorry.

Old gripes!

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