speedier-clan-lord Aloha, Welcome fellow exiles
I am known by many names in many places. In Puddleby and the Lok'groton island chain I am known as Speedier. Although I don't know if that handle is still fits. you see I was in the procurement business in a few places in Mobius' realm.
My associates call me Speedier for no matter the situation I was speedier than my opponent. Whether that was the town guard, or a fellow collector. If you ever needed something quickly, I was your man. However a short while ago, I was persuaded by the emperor's elite fighters, that I should look for a new line of business. If you see me in the pub, by me an ale and I'll tell that tale. I'm not sure if even I could believe all of it, and I was there!
So, considering my options, I decided to relocate my business to the Lok'groton islands. I had heard that the Land of Exiles had many opportunities for a man with my skills. Sadly when I arrived, I discovered the rumors to be greatly exaggerated. The only major town was Puddleby, and it seems to be raided by Orgas and Darshak thugs almost weekly. But much to my surprise I found myself making new friends and enjoying the new types of adventures we began having. It has been almost as profitable as my last profession, and believe it or not, the sheriff and town guard are not chasing me here.
Artist's sketch of "Speedier"
After a few months, I had made a lot of new friends and connections. I decided it was time to join a clan, but which one? Many have left their mark in my mind with tales of great deeds and heroism. After some deliberation I chose to join the ranks of the Sun Dragon Clan. Now I truly have made a new life in Puddleby. I spend my time caring for my mushroom garden outside our clan house in South Puddleby, and defending my fellow exiles from the varied threats to our new community.
Coat of Arms of Sun Dragon Clan
Here are a few stories of some other exiles.
Lydia is a friend of mine in Puddleby. She has a magic touch that can heal anyone's injuries. Alas it seems she has returned to the mainland after serving a term as the High Benevolence in the Sun Dragons. She has left her Scrolls so that we may remember her deeds and adventures. Hopefully she will return to our ranks soon.
After Lydia's term, Sor became High Benevolence. He, like Lydia before him, is something of an artist. Much of his work centers on everyday life in our small town. Here is a collection of his work
And then it was my turn to step up and hold the High Benevolence seat. I hope I lived up to the examples that Sor and Lydia have set. During my term we fought the Ripture War and pushed back the darkness. Soon I hope to relate my experiences during this period. While I work on this, Sor has again the High Benevolence seat.
If you would like to join us in the realm of Clanlord head on over to Delta Tao and get the current version. Sorry Windows users, this is still just a Macintosh only program. .See you in Puddleby or just send me an email!
Lydia and me
ClanWorld contains news of the many happenings of my fellow exiles, and maybe even a word or two about little old me. 8-}

The Sun Dragon Clan Scrolls are
here. A place to learn more of my clan.

Dun'ilsar is an interclan organization. I am curently the SDC representative.

Braveheart was the founder of the Sun Dragon Clan.
His Scrolls contain many useful links.

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