Lydia at her Election to Sun Dragon Clan's High Lady of Benevolence

Hello friends and welcome to Lydia's little place in space

To those who havenīt met me yet: Iīm a healer in the town of Puddleby, brought there by the emperors forces, who didnīt like my manner to say whats on my mind that much. But hey, itīs a beautiful island, nice guys and gals hanging around and having loads of fun.

For those who canīt get enough of information: Right now Iīm 23 years old, having joined the profession of healing when I came to Puddleby. On mainland I was traveling from town to town as an artist in the most various forms of art, even though the main art was to survive in those crowded streets and the emperors watching sentinels. So it seems lifeīs much easier and happier here on this island, lovely days in the woods and on those lovely beaches, crawling through myrm hives or bathing in your own blood. Okay, itīs not always fun, but at least itīs damn exciting.

And hey, is there more fun than a little pump of adrenalin while rushing through hordes of ugly orgas and caring for the towns greatest heroes? And last but not least: This green dot weīre living on has got some really cool cloth merchants, even though they hide in the strangest places.

More pictures of Lydia, some drawn, some rendered :

with a Spriggin
Sun-Dragon Jr.
Healing a sylvan in a
hot and stony place
Sunstoning for help in Tanglewood
Lydia relaxing on
soutch beach
Lydia relaxing with a bunch of rolled leaves and a mug of beer.
Taking a bath in our
small river
Angel, Puddleby's
top healer
An everyday experience

See you in Puddleby or just send me an email!

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