Me me me, picture by Spit!
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Nanners! >^_^<

Me just a kitty, this is my scroll.

The short story is: Me just a tuff kyttyn from the wrong side of town. Me was borned in Pubbledy after the Big Plagues but before the Ripture War, lotta stuff happened, most of it was fun and me made lots of great friends!

But life is long and the story never over till it over!

Mostly I just likes to run around and play with okras and tree giants and monkies. I don't like undines so much, cause they annoying moo sounds but they kinda funny when they giggle when they die; oh, but I LOVE when detachable spirts and faifless die, cause they go Poof!

But mostly me tries to stay away from undines, much preferring to play with monkies.

I make my home in a cardboard box behind Torgo's Tavern. It kinda nice, got little curtains and a comfy pillow for me to sleep on. I have a nice candle collection; most of them made out of Myrm wax by Sylvans who sell them at the farmer's market. Sometimes my cousins come visit and that ALWAYS fun!

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This space intentionally left blank.
More bout Nanner!

My full name is Ananna. Me have many siblings in the lands, Astrid, Mya and Nelaton and Spit and Aurora and so many others, I forget. We all kinda orphans, cause our parents are world travelers and just kinda left us to get by on our own, which is prolly a good thing, cause we all tough as nails cause of it!

Mostly, a lot lately, me been playing with bears in the Bear Den, where they sleep a lot, but when they wakes up, they all grumpy and growly and bitey. Me been staying a lot to myself and the bears, cause lately in town all peoples do is be grumpy and greedy and mean to other peoples, and it much more nicer to play with the bears cause usually there aren't any stinky peoples there to be mean.

Sometimes people ask me questions that require counting things: How much Detha, Nanners? How many ranks, Nanners? Stuff like that. The answer to all of them is: I can't count. I don't know how to count, me just a little kitty! We not got that far in school yet! Well, I can count as high as four or five sometimes, if I really concentrate! So, I not trying to be rude, really!

I wanna name the names of all my good friends, here, but there so MANY that I afraid I gonna leave someone out cause me have such bad remembery, and I DON'T wanna do that, cause I love you all!

My favorite clam is Order of the Mini! Me kinda wanna be a Mini cause they so super-fab, but I'm kinda not doing the clam thing right now, for some reasons I don't really wanna talk about right now. Sigh. Oh! Maquiladora has a groovy scroll that has more stuff about Order of Mini!


This is a picture that Spit drawed of Rora and me beating up on a okra furry!

Who you callin furry, furry?

Little Known Facts!

Monkies eat only ice cream! It's true!

Ghorak Zo chickers are the TOTAL cutest of all! I automagically have a Total Crushfest on all of you!

Zo Zo Zo Shokra!
(Spit drawed her; Spit's good artist, huh?)

Peasants are mostly quiet and only talk to us when they have to, cause they think we all a bunch of weirdos.

There is a crisis in pubbledy, cause none of the good fashion designers have been exiled.

Fighting arachnoids for too long will make you become drooling lunatic. I've seen it happen, it not pretty.

If you know a secret, it best to tell it to a myxtik, cause if myxtiks don't have secrets to keep, then they get bored and start hunting arachnoids for too long.

Pubbledy is a lot more like Narnia than it is like Middle Earth.

It is nice (really, it is) to wait for people to all get healed up before you all pigpile on bad zerkie (or whatever) that killified all the people in the first place. People too greedy anxious sometimes, and really need to learn how to relax.

Greed will be the downfall of Pubbledy someday, if it hasn't already.

A bunny tells it like it is.

Nobody ever succeeds alone. Nobody.

When I was just a little kyttyn...

I found this little list I make LONG time ago, when I first was borned!

I owe my life to:
Beam, Aurak, Skye, Crow, Arc, Arcail, Lancer, NoiVas, Noivad, Joy, Afrit, Tara

Thanks, everyone!


More Pictures!

Using a new myxtik contraption invented by Polaroidus, we are now able to take pictures of each other doing fun and funny things! Here's some of my favorites!

Axe Elfs!

The Axe Elfs! (yes elfs, Maq.)

Ashe vs Ashe

Sometimes things just get weird.

And i made it out alive, somehow...

Somehow, I made it out alive.

Bunnies do it, kittys do it, even educated Trools do it!

Bunnies do it, kittys do it, even educated Trools do it!

Bears and snakes and kittys, oh my!

Bears and snakes and kittys, oh my!


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Happy Spring! It's Spring in Pubbledy!

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